It's Good to be an American


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Nov 22, 2012
Yesterday, between sharing my thoughts with the resident communtist/Spencer Rapone wannabe ( I took my s1000RR out and rode up to Carlos Texas, just east of College Station, nice farm / ranch country ride, they have a sign warning that 6 bikers died so far this year on this stretch of road, WTF,,, the state advertising that a great road is ahead and to go WOT for 15 miles, I had to oblige, challenge accepted. Well this S1000RR goes faster than the fastest production helicopters and I verified that yesterday. Man I love Speed.

This morning I spent 6 hours riding my 2 stroke in Sam Houston NF, 54 miles of 2 stroke single track badassery.

Life is good gents.

As some of you know I just rode my BMW 1200 GSA up to Dead Horse AK, a nice little 14 k mile trip that took me up the top of the Rockies into the Yukon then across the Northern route into Chicken Ak, then on up to Deadhorse and back down to Kenai, into Homer, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho Utah, AZ, NM, WY, Montana, ,,,,,,, I talked to hundreds and hundreds of people along the way, rich, poor and all in between, even frikken Canadians. I am back to report that the shit you see on the news about our people is 180 degrees off, we have great people in this country, all over it, maybe even a few in Kali, we are winning and winning, dont let the jackasses, communists, SJW's or Gov Cuomo, tell you anything else. 20180409_074952.jpg 20180819_163040.jpg
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Feb 14, 2017
I want a motorcycle so bad.. my wife thinks I'm getting a midlife crisis.. :) maybe she's right:)