Is there a “go to” can for 16” AR .556

I have been researching so much on my bolt gun and ordered 2 cans, one for the 6.5 and one for the Rimfire that I didn’t really focus on my AR. Is there a “go to” can for the AR. Just range time, no competition or mag dips or anything. Just regular shooting. Was thinking of the Deadair Sandman S. Any other solid cans? TBAC?


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The go to can is the SiCo Omega 300. Throw on a flat end cap and Area 419 QD mount if you want a really small <140db to the shooter package. Q and SIG's SRD 7.62 line are also both great, a bit bigger and bit quieter.


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TBAC, Dead Air, Surefire, Silencerco, hell Sig makes som pretty good cans nowadays too... options, look at price and quality, don’t skimp as the amount of time and money you will invest. This is a true buy once and spend your time crying till your stamp comes back then stop, not after as well. Lol
I currently have Surefire cans for my AR's but if I was buying now, I would seriously look at the new Thunder Beast 556 take down suppressor. It is full auto rated and designed to meet the 2017 USSOCOM Suppressor Upper Receiver Group (SURG) requirements. See

From the website, price is $495.00

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Wow. How the hell did I miss that one. Thank you. Silenced Shop doesn’t have yet but I’ll be watching