Is Shepherd Smith...

Jan 11, 2006
...blowing John Kerry? Little creampuff is talking about Trump's remarks to NATO.

"He's setting the globe back centuries." I thought NATO was about 70 years old.

"Germany is our friend and treasured ally." We have no friends, only allies when we're needed.

I guess he wasn't diplomatic enough for our more faint of heart "allies." Well. diplomacy hasn't accomplished much.
Aug 24, 2010
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There's more than a few US bases in Germany that can stand closure, and some cheap land in Poland that can take their place. They're a better NATO ally anyhow, with a far better record of commitment in their defense spending as well as on the battlefield in recent years. Moving our personnel there would not only save $$$ in the long run while financially supporting a better partner in the way of jobs and area spending that comes with a US base, but I feel it's high time we not leave Poland to be a buffer between the Russians and the rest of Europe.

As for Shep Smith? He's just another spinster with an agenda, haven't watched his program in ages. I have as much trust of newsworthiness and factual reporting from him as I do Rachel Maddow.

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Apr 13, 2003
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Shep is an unwatchable buffoon. Why Fox gave him a raise and new contract is beyond me.
Fox should fire Shep immediately and replace with Kristin Fisher IMO :) download.jpg


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Mar 15, 2018
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I hate Shepard Smith. He belongs on MSNBC. He's supposed to be their straight news guy, and he inserts his own commentary in every single thing he says. He's a joke of a reporter, and he's not intelligent enough to have a commentary program where someone might challenge him.
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