Is Brett Kavanaugh Gonna Have to Choke a Witch?

Jan 28, 2011
I wish they would do more of this. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind if they spent all of their money on peyote and all of their time sewing together voodoo dolls then stabbing them with crochet needles until there was nothing left... then start again. This would make them twice as productive, half as dangerous, and 1000x more endearing.
Jan 28, 2011
I wish they would follow through on their threats instead of teasing us.
Holder and Hillary have been much less subtle in their call for violence, to the point of being shrill. Since the mother of all elections the MMM (and the Hollywood gore machine, the overlords of post-secondary education, and the rest of the communist band camp) have graduated from predictions of doom at the hands of Trump to calling for the violent treatment of Trump and his supporters.

I can't decide if things are getting weirder or just more transparent. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Like many of you I went through the cold war drills of hiding under my desk in 2nd grade. I never imagined that other American kids crouched under their desks would one day prove to be a greater menace to America that the soviet missiles we feared. I never imagined that they would be the communist threat that would eclipse Ivan dropping from the sky into my schoolyard.

Yet here we are.

I have always thrived in chaos, though I do not wish it. If we are to have a tipping point, and history says people will once again lose their minds in dramatically tragic fashion, then let it happen.

Green tips and combat gauze. Get some (more).
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Nov 22, 2012
It all starts with the indoctrination camps, we need to cut off funding to the camps, then destroy them. Universities,,,Liberal Ats universities, Ivy league universities. Either cut funding or go full Pol Pot one them.

Engineering /STEM schools can be left alone as long as no social sciences are taught


Mar 24, 2014
Daylight all we need is Daylight on these commie training camps. The Student Market will then correct the problem. They can't hurt you when people don't want to go.
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Mar 15, 2018
The Most Dangerous City in the USA
Almost like spirituality is part of the human condition...

If you don't fill the hole with love it invariably gets filled with something else. They're selling hatred. Dismiss the Occult all you want, but they're not "pretending" to serve Satan. I don't claim to know if their "magic" works or not on an ethereal level, but it's scary just for what it is even if it doesn't work in that way.

Do you know how they "cast" this "public hex"? I've read several books on the subject, and they're all pretty uniform on how to hex someone. The ritual is only symbolic. It does nothing in an of itself. You have to fill your heart with hatred for that person, think about nothing else all the time, and let it absolutely consume you in order for the hex to work.

Who does it sound like this would be more harmful to? The witch or the target? This shit is so spiritually destructive it's hard to even think about it for me. It literally rots a person from the inside.


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Oct 1, 2005
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It's so much fun to ridicule these "witches" to scorn.
They are probably without a doubt some self important fools who are enjoying their delusions of power and grandeur.

Just go pickup some copies of the ancient Catholic books on how to deal with demons & witchcraft, add to that some books with the translations of the supposed secret wisdom of Solomon, give them a quick study and then get busy having fun showing all their mistakes and treat them like kinder-gardeners in art class trying to impress you with their finger-painting.

They all believe that this stuff will give them "Power" and it's addictive to them. Everything becomes a self fulfilling event to them as they go around looking for confirmation that their "powers" work.

Humans are actually quite evil when left without boundaries & when you gather them into a mob or group or other organization, it can go off the scale evil without any help from another dimension, but once again evil is subjective in the minds of humans, most of the time those truly evil people who are not just plain insane, think they have a perfectly good reason for all the stuff they are doing. It all depends on which side of the fork you see yourself at.

But as to these little SJW "witches".... It would be great to have fun doing an interpretation with some buddies of "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition"..... One could even make a tidy profit selling the pictures & video clips of some "historical reenactments" with them as the "models" on fetish websites.....

The discussion about those who may actually know what they are doing who you don't see on TV is an entirely different idea and will involve a lot of heavy religious teachings so no point discussing that part.
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