Impact Tactical PR1 class at Shadow Hawk in WV. Two dates!


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Jul 9, 2001
We will be holding our PR1 class for two dates this year at Shadow Hawk in WV this year on April 21/22 and August 4/5. Come on out for two good days of training.


Impact Tactical Precision Rifle 1 Course

The PR-1 course will provide shooters an introduction to many of the skills that bare needed to become a proficient long range shooter. Upon leaving this course the shooter will be confident and proficient in zeroing their rifle, manipulating and using their scope, as well as be able to effectively engage and hit targets at ranges of 500 yards. This course will consist of 16 hours of combined range classes and range time. Students will be taught subject matter in small blocks then they will demonstrate proficiency thru drills and live fire exercises.

Topics covered:

Day One:
Safety brief
Basic shooting terminology used precision shooting
Proper weapons setup
Focusing & eliminating parallax
Scope manipulation
Mil & Moa
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Rifle zero & techniques
Use of data book
100-300 yard drills
Care and Cleaning

Day two:
Clean cold bore and Cold bore shot
Wind reading
Shooter shot correction dialogue
100-500 yard drills
Use of a sling
Intro to alternate shooting positions
Intro to rapid bolt manipulation
Multiple target engagement
Mil hold over and under drills
Course debrief

Shooter should have a rifle chambered in any caliber ranging from .223 up to .300 Winchester Magnum with a scope that is capable of reaching a distance of at least 600 yards. Scopes of 10x or higher magnification are recommended to complete the paper drills. Your rifle must be capable of shooting 1" groups or better at 100 yards. We highly recommend as a new shooter that you bring a short action rifle chambered in .308 as opposed to a heavy recoiling magnum caliber rifle.

- Rifle with bipod or some sort of shooting platform to shoot in the prone position. (pack, sandbag, etc.)
- Rifle Sling
- Weapons magazines (if applicable)
- Data Book The book we teach from and use is the Impact Data Books. You will need the premade
book in either pocket or standard size and your choice of paper. You can order this prior to the course
- Hearing protection-foam earplugs, hard shells or both will be required by all shooters.
- Eye protection will be required by all shooters.
- Rifle cleaning equipment-rods, bore guides, solvents, patches, brushes, etc.
- Scope tools, wrenches,
- Note pad, pen or pencil
- Appropriate clothing
- Rear support bag or sand sock

Optional items:
- Spotting Scope (if you have one)
- Small backpack
- Sunscreen
- Hat
- Shooting mat
- Stool or chair

300 rds minimum -Factory "MATCH" ammunition. I can't tell you how many times we have seen students try and cut corners by using cheap ammunition that is not accurate and or does not function with their rifle. In order to ensure that you get the most from the class, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use factory match ammunition. Don't be that guy! If you plan to use hand loads, they must function properly and be safe. Unsafe ammunition will not be allowed to continue to fire and train. Any loss of shooting time in the class do to ammunition is the responsibility of the student. Our goal is to get you on the line to get as much trigger time as possible.

Students should come with an open mind and willingness to learn. Shooter should be willing to make mistakes and receive corrective actions. The shooter will be required to have the proper gear and equipment in order to conduct training. Failure of your gear, ammo and equipment is the sole responsibility of the student. If your equipment is inadequate and/or unsafe then you will finish this
course in an observer role or if you have a shooting buddy willing to loan you their equipment.
We expect the shooter to have a working knowledge of the weapon and equipment that they bring to the course. Shooter should be proficient with loading and unloading their weapons and they should display safe gun handling skills at all times. Safety is our first concern everything else is secondary. Your rifle should be zeroed prior to arriving for the course. This will save time when we go into zeroing drills and techniques. Showing up with a rifle that won't print on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper will slow down the training drastically. As long as it's in the ball park we will be good to go!!


Location: Shadow Hawk
436 Apple Harvest Dr.
Hedgesville, WV 25427

Please be at the range promptly at 0730 so we can get started on time. Training starts at 0800 so please show up early as we have plenty of material to cover.

Lunch will be on the range you will get a 30 minute lunch break, so bring your lunch, drinks and anything you will need to get through the day. Once we start no one will leave the range until the end of the day which will be approximately 4 pm.

Have all your gear with you at all time we won't have time to be going back to vehicles for gear.

Instructor Bios:
Rob Ormond:
Rob is a competitive shooter for Team Blaster. Rob is a sponsored shooter for Hornady, Vortex, GA Precision, Seekins Precision as well as other companies. Rob is a former Marine and currently is a Retired Federal Firefighter/EMT/HazMat Tech. Rob has been shooting precision rifles since 1993. He has competed in sniper/tactical rifle competitions since 2003. During this time Rob has many first place, top 5, and 10 finishes in major competitions across the country. Rob's shooting experience stems from his Marine Corps training, and a combination of long gun training derived from attending Blackwater's precision rifle training, as well as being a self-taught shooter who's skill and ability have been proven to be successful among the top long range shooters in the country. Rob also competes in other shooting sports such as 3 Gun, USPSA and IDPA but long range precision rifle is his favorite shooting discipline.

Tony Gimmellie:
Tony is a former Marine who spent ten years in the Marine Corps. Tony served as a Scout Sniper and Chief Scout for two different sniper platoons. He also spent time in FAST CO. (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams). Tony served as a CQB-(Close Quarters Battle) Instructor for almost three years teaching CQB, and hostage rescue at MCSFTCO. He is on his 17th year of service where he serves as a Federal Firearms Instructor for a prominent government agency. Tony has attended over 24 military, law enforcement, and professional schools. Tony is a member of Team Blaster a professional shooting team and is also sponsored by Hornady, Vortex, GA Precision, POF-USA, Nordic Components, Hodgdon as well as many other industry companies. Tony competes in precision rifle, NRA shooting sports, IDPA, USPSA-(Grand Master), .22 bench rest, F-CLASS, tactical shotgun matches and 3 gun competition. Tony has been shooting competitively since 1995 and has numerous wins and top ten finishes to his credit.


Registration will be open to the first 20 students on a first come first serve basis in order of emails received.

You will receive an email invoice to pay for your class spot. Invoices will need to be paid within 72 hrs of being issued. If they are not paid then your spot will go to the next person on the list.

Class payment is only good for the offered class and class date. We will not provide refunds for class spots once you have paid for them. If for some reason you can not attend or your plans change for your assigned class date you can transfer your spot to someone else. Details of your transfer are between you and the person you want to transfer it to. However I will need advanced notice and information of the new student to ensure that class certificates are printed and correct.

To register for the class please email :

Subject line: Shadow Hawk April PR1 Class

Include your: Name,address, email, and phone number.

We will send out class logistics and reporting instructions by email on April 1, 2018.

COST: $525
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Nov 6, 2011
Took this class last year in MA.

Great experience, Great instructors, a fun two days of shooting.

Hope events work out that these guys come back to MA this year for PR2.


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Jul 9, 2001
Thanks. We are going to try and get up to Granby a couple times this year but the PR2 will depend on the range with the fight with the town. We can run a PR1 with 350 yards but would need more for a PR2.

Still hope to be up there though having some fun with some shooters.
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Jul 9, 2001
Had a great class this past weekend at Shadow Hawk. Excellent facility. Great bunch of students as well. Still spots open for the August class so hopefully we will see some more of you out there!

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