Impact Tactical PR1 and a .22LR PR1 class at Granby Bow and Gun in MA


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Jul 9, 2001
Impact Tactical will be back up at Granby Bow and Gun club this year! Due to the long range closure a PR2 won't be able to be done but we will be having another PR1 class as well as a .22LR PR1 class. The .22LR class was an idea of Nick from Granby and is a good idea. The class will be the same basics as the centerfire class but allows more shooters who might be getting into the sport to come out as a .22LR is less expensive to get into for rifle and ammo. You use the same basic skills so they are transferable to a centerfire. Shots will be taken out to 300 yards.

Hope to see you guys out there!

Impact Tactical .22LR PR1 June

Impact Tactical PR1 October
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