Hunting with the 25 Creedmoor

Feb 18, 2010
southwest pa
I'm tossing around the idea of getting a barrel for my 257 wby. I was thinking about waiting until the hunting bullet comes out or I see some reports on the current ones performance on game. I will be watching this for sure.


Freelance Sharpshooter
Jul 7, 2009
Utah, north
Scratch the first kill down for the 25 Creedmoor, a friends son shot his first deer at 610 yards this evening with my 25 Creedmoor whom I call “Quarter Lord”. Also a first was using the Blackjack bullets 131 grain Ace match bullet, seen left below next to three different 6.5 bullets (all 140’s).

The very flat shooting 25 Creedmoor needed only 9 minutes of elevation for a perfect coldbore hit at 610 yards.

Here you can see the offside exit wound:

If you would like to know more about the 25 Creedmoor, or this project, check it out here: Operation Quarter Lord
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