Hunting ISIS (TV Series) on History Channel

USMC 308

G14 Classified
Apr 13, 2003
Central TX
Episodes 1-4 were really good. Episode 5 was a bit heavy on the medic Pete's fragile emotional state. The death of the American in episode 3 was surprising and his family and friends reactions were painful to watch.

These guys are unpaid volunteers, but I see many parallels to the 8 years I spent contracting in Iraq. The biggest is watching them yearn to go home to the US, then when they get there.....start counting the days to get back to their guys downrange.


Chris Hayes, Nashville TN
Jul 29, 2001
Nashville, Tennessee
I like the show. compared to 99.5% of the rest of the shit on TV at least.

The comment last episode from the World Health Organization sums up why we may win every battle and still lose the war. The west is not prepared to be serious aboutthe problem for fear of being called racist. Seems it's never really serious until the barbarians are at your door, and we (Europe especially) are letting them just walk in. At this point, I don't know that anyone is really willing to look at the problem truthfully and deal with it. Best case scenario right now is extended, constant fighting overseas with the occasional murder(s) over here.

The show doesn't touch on politics. For those that haven't watched it, I don't want to paint that picture. Just My take on the medics take away from the last episode.