How accurate have SP10 been out of the box?

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Sep 16, 2011
Erie, Colorado
Seekins Liquidation Sale:
Havak Pro Hunter $1699.00
Havak Bravo $1599.00
NG3X's $1199.00
SP-10M's $2999.00
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The SP10 M was specifically built to satisfy the daunting demands of elite Military and
Law Enforcement units. The SP10 M is constructed with the finest market-leading features and
components. The SP10 M has been tested by top shooters of the United States Armed Forces
and designed to fit their operational needs.
The SP10 M offers full ambidextrous controls, extreme accuracy, rugged durability and
reliability; which is accredited to Seekins Precision strenuous quality control of both machine
and man power.
Each barrel is derived from premium 416-5R match grade steel blanks and machined in
house. Our barrels are examined no less than four times and test fired to assure accuracy is
guaranteed. The barrel is threaded allowing the operator’s preferred choice of suppressor.
*Comes stock with our ATC brake.
The upper and lower receiver of the SP10 M is CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet
The SP10 M also features the Select Adjustable Gas Block designed for tool free
adjustments on the move, and is equipped with a single stage 3.5lb Timney AR Competition
The SP10 M comes in a variety of calibers to include: .308 Win, 7.62mm NATO, .260
Rem, or 6.5 Creedmoor.
All rifles have multiple options and can be coated and built to operator/department
At Seekins Precision we take immense pride in manufacturing rifles and components
that assist those whom selflessly defend our country and freedoms.


Feb 14, 2017
My SP10 has averaged below moa and has shot many 1/2 moa or better groups also - all factory ammo. I just recently hit the 200 round point with the rifle and began load development. I'm now seeing 1/2 moa and occasionally better pretty regularly with one load I've settled on for the time being. After adjusting the gas block for that load, I couldn't ask for a smoother shooting rifle and brass comes out pristine. I'd put it in nearly the same league as my LRP 07 made in early 2018. Neither has a +2 but I've fired a newer JP which does have the +2 and neither of us shooters could tell any difference. Just my .02...


Feb 27, 2013
Columbia, SC
You think? My 6.5 SP-10 is rifle length with an adjustable. Shoots fine. Thoughts?

Are you thinking more dwell time is needed?


Aug 5, 2014
I've been eyeing a good 6.5CM gas gun and the Seekins checks near all the boxes for me. Timmney, flat-bottomed handguard, billet receivers, good brake, etc. A proof Carbon barrel and maybe a Surpurlative Arms gas block if the factory barrel ever gets shot out.
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Sep 6, 2018
People are fucking ridiculous with this shit as if...

They have a $2550 rifle and then bitch because one is 2x as much and they claim the BARREL Profile is different, the gas block is the $60 vs the $120 one, so order the $120 model, ask for a different profile, you can spec it.

The SP10 works great, it's super accurate, it's the base rifle for the GAP10, it's a proven winner on so many levels.

Add in $60 and order the other block, LOL D'uh.

Unbelievable what people will bitch about, oh, I had to use an Allen vs the lever, it's different, the M is $3800+ the non-M is $2550, add in $60 and change the block, you still win by a wide margin.

Glen uses Rock Creek Barrels, they both have a Rock Creek Barrel on them, one is a slightly heavier profile, BFD
How does GAP turn the SP10 into a GAP10? Is it mainly a barrel replacement?
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