HK MR556


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Feb 14, 2017
Nebraska, Land of Corn
Boat anchor for sale.:)

Selling my HK MR556. Its not new by any means, its been run and it has marks to prove it. Most are just scuffs, but one good one on the back of the rail by the ejection port.

The optic is a Burris 536. The dot is dead in the center and a new battery didn’t fix it. It is an etched reticle though so its still a viable optic. Optional, hence two different prices.

I have the book for it, as well as the HK tool it came with.

It will come with (2) HK smoke mags. Additional magazines are also available.

$2150 for the rifle.
$2300 for the rifle/optic.

I am not interested in trades.

Additional Photos Here

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