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Jun 3, 2010
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Gotta say I really enjoyed listening to this episode; it brought back memories and phrases I haven't thought of, or heard in years. "Snoop & poop" and "Snoopy teams" phrases came to mind when you were talking about being aboard ship and getting close to Russian ships/subs/AGI's or conducting recon. "Map recon" was another phrase that I hadn't heard of in a while.

The Amphib Warfare School, Little Creek animatronic beach assault was a blast from the past (plane models on wires, zipping in, ships and landing craft models coming out of the floor/"water" to show the dispersion and waves of assault craft...things I hadn't thought about in years since seeing it back in the late 80's). The Soviet era doctrine training and intel classes (Type A versus Type B Soviet Tank Divisions, highest rate of speed, etc.) was another part of the discussion that brought back a flood of memories. The booby traps/flash bangs was another one (with that frigging horseshoe nail/trip wire & finishing nail to allow pressure activate/pressure release detonation).

Talking about Courthouse Bay, Stone's Bay brought back a lot of memories of all that area out around Hwy 172, the Comms school located out there, and the times spent out on the KD ranges (IIRC Chandler was still AD and running the ranges back then).

Lotta old school stuff in the podcast that was fun (and nostalgic) to hear someone talk about.

A great podcast. I really appreciated it.
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Apr 12, 2001
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The USMC Stuff I really don't mention a lot, but it is fun to go back in time and talk about it.

I will do more, I have to do these with Marc Taylor since we were both there together we can combine the memories
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Dec 13, 2004
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Likewise, I really enjoyed the history stuff as well. Keep up the good work as always, and thanks!