Hilltop GC results from 4/21

Apr 10, 2013
Seneca Falls new york
Allen G 399-29x
Dave D 399-27x
Emily D 399-23x
Jamie B 399-22x
Roger P 398-19x
Jim W 395-12x
Tony L 393-16x
Dennis VT 393-13x
George S 392-17x
Dave B 391-14x
Kris L 391-13x
Craig C 391-13x
John A 391-10x
Shawn P 382-17x
Lamar W 380-14x
Jason M 372-0x
kyle D 346-4x
Pete D 189-2x did not finish
Dan P 189-4x did not finish
some of us had a great day, some not so good, but we all had a lot of fun after a long winter