Hilltop [Clyde NY] results

Apr 10, 2013
Seneca Falls new york
cold rainy breezy day here i the northeast
16 shooters made a crappy day into a fun day
Allen G, 400 33x
Peter D 399 26x
Dave D 399 22x
George S 397 24x
Dennis VT 396 26x
Ron D 396 16x
Jim W 396 16x
Craig C 395 21x
John A 395 14x
Sean P 393 16x
Roger P 393 15x
Sara G 392 16x
David M 390 12x
Eli B 382 9x
Eric B DNF mech trouble
Bob C DNF broken trigger
guest appearance by Tony L from Towanda Pa
we are all glad to see that Tony is recovering
from a short illness