High Noon Kydex Appendix Holster

Vodoun daVinci

Sergeant of the Hide
Dec 17, 2017
Really like this one. Used to have one of these High Noon Holsters "Instinct Extreme" kydex for my G43 when they didn't make one for my EDC Beretta Px4 Subcompact 9mm. Just got this one yesterday and it's got everything. Keeps the gun tucked tight to my body, affords a full firing grip, and it doesn't flip the butt of the gun outward due to a short barrel.




We have a couple of these now and a number of High Noon leather holsters. Good stuff...I think I have $80ish invested in the Kydex Instinct Extreme and it's a minimalist design with extra material or edges to poke or jab. Gun clicks securely in and holsters with one hand without looking. Gun stays secure and locked in even when running or rolling on the ground - water proof/sweat proof. Awesome fit and finish.

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