Hello from WV


Aug 14, 2019
Augusta West Virginia
Been reading on this site for a while.
Seems like alot of dedicated loaders and shooters.
I have enjoyed shooting and loading for a pretty long time myself, but always looking for helpful info, or another Outlook and way of getting things done.
I hope I can add to some conversation and learn a few things in the process.
I am a Taxidermist primarily in eastern panhandle of West Virginia.
I shoot when I can and load in my spare time for my habit.
It's not always very easy to have good access to a shooting area here over 300yrds. ,but when I can I practice at distances as far as my equipment and my abilities allow ,on the terrain I have to use.
I like to practice in real world hunting type positions and like to push my limits as often as I can get the time and opportunity.

Looking forward to Future topics and helpful , interesting conversation.
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