Hello from Port Washington WI


Jan 19, 2020
Ha guys and gals, new to the forum and new to nrl 22 but it has really got my interest and I am in the process of building my first ruger 10/22 and already looking forward to the next 22lr build. I grew up hunting and fishing here in Wi but have traveled all over the country fishing tournaments, my passion is bow hunting whitetails and fishing bass tournaments. I am hoping to find some NRL 22 competitions close by, but will travel just for the experience. The main reason for joining was to learn as much as possible from the members here who have so much experience in builds, competitive shooting, equipment, and knowledge of materials needed for building an accurate 22lr, I have always been able to shoot accurately starting at a young age, but now I want to take it to the next level, I am 53 years old and look forward to all your knowledge.