Heel/Foot Pain HELP!


Oct 3, 2014
Mount Gilead, NC 27306
I am a diabetic, whom are prone to this problem. My podiatrist told me to freeze a two liter bottle of water and place my toes on the bottle and roll the bottle forward and backward, forcing your foot to follow the curvature of the bottle. Doing this morning and night worked wonders. More often initially and for a least five minutes. Wear socks to avoid damage to skin. Good shoes with arch support are imperative. Best of luck.


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Nov 30, 2018
I'm in my late 60s and started running about 4 years ago. Sometime this past summer I started having PF issues. I'm not really sure what brought it on but it has been an adventure. I've run in Altra shoes for the past couple years, those are zero drop, I used the Long Peaks which are described as a medium cushion shoe. Didn't really change anything just started having issues. I've used a lot of deep massage of the feet and calves which seems to have helped a lot. Also stretching and working on exercises to strengthen the feet. This month I'll slowly start (at my age NOTHING happens quickly...except injury) working my running back up. It should be interesting to see what happens.
Apr 5, 2017
I had plantar fascitis and it band syndrome for almost ten years. Started in the army and could never get rid of it. Then one day out of desperation I went to see a masseuse. A large heavy woman with strong hands and good understanding of anatomy.

She had me in tears. Literally. For me there were some knots in my calf and my deep glutes that contributed. But after about two sessions with her things were bearable. I now keep a golf ball at work and if it gets tight I pull my shoe off and step on the golf ball and roll it around where it hurts. It’s painful but it almost always works.

Deep squats helped the IT Band problems.


Oct 23, 2017
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Ok... Let me describe this the BEST that I can and HOPEFULLY someone can give me some ideas.

Its a severe sharp pain in the heel of my right foot. The Doc says PLANTAR FASCIITIS...

There is NO bone spur according to Xrays...

Heres the kicker even though I am FULLY covered under State Insurance with my Govt job... they do NOT cover any orthopedic inserts that could be made to correct this... and TRUST ME it is VERY EXPENSIVE.

I am curious if ANYONE has had this type of issue and what you did to get it to go away.

Its severe enough now that I CANT run and in the mornings it is VERY sore.

Thanks guys for all the help.

If it hasn't been said, roll your foot over a cold beverage can. Assists with inflammation. Have had a couple guys do it and it seems to temporarily help with pain. One guy did it with cold beer and after 5 minutes would drink the beer, then get another one, roll, after 5 minutes, drink... magically his Plantar fasciitis pain was gone after about an hour of repetition ;)
Jul 6, 2013
North Carolina
I know it an old thread but here’s some more info.

Read “Becoming A Supple Leopard “. It has great demos of how to stretch and treat areas yourself. Read and learn about “voodoo flossing”.

Work on and learn about T band relief using a roller or Tballer and foot baller. Can find on amazon.

Fix the problem and don’t isolate it with expensive orthotics.

Cheapest preventative.... work out barefoot... or with a minimalist shoe with little to no cushion or lift.
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