Go Watch The Movie "Lawless"!!!!

Aug 28, 2012
Eastern NC
After reading the book "Lost Flowers" about Johnson County, NC moonshine legend, Percy Flowers (Read it...trust me!) and talking to some guys about it since it took place 30 minutes down highway 42, they asked if I had ever seen the movie Lawless. I hadn't and they strongly suggested watching it. Well, I had to pay $9.99 to subscribe to the Showtime channels to watch it but it was money well spent. You may not be able to find Lost Flowers since I heard that Percy Flowers' daughter didn't like the book so she bought the publishing company and ceased production.
Jun 1, 2017
I have heard plenty of stories about Percy Flowers too. Lawless is an awesome movie, i have watched it 2-3 times now.
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