getting started could use some help/info on equip.


Gunny Sergeant
Jan 25, 2009
Thermop, WY
Re: getting started could use some help/info on equip.

well unless you're looking to buy a top shelf custom from a reputable gunsmith, you WILL have to upgrade...I'm not sure I could find one person on this forum that doesn't continue to upgrade their shit, it just comes in writing. The other thing about cost is ammo. We al know what the current market is like, but besides that, you might find it more worth your while in the long run to invest in a .22LR. Since cost isn't going to be a problem for you, go ahead and get your .308 too, but make sure you put yourself together a good accurate .22 to learn the basics like trigger control, breathing, position, and all the little things that go into making a good shot. Not only will this enable you to practice at a cheap rate, you will save yourself money and frustration down the road when you get ready to stretch your legs. Savage make some great .22 bolt guns, but a 10/22 would do you ok too. One major investment you could make off the bat would be the forum here to see what everyone likes, but the glass you put on the .22 can be the same glass you intend to use for your .308.