Gear of the Year, What do you think ?

Aug 14, 2014
My picks are....

-RRS Anvil 30
-Terrapin X
-Alpha brass
-The proliferation of 1.5" dovetail accessories like the stock rails and bipod mounts
-.224 Valkyrie


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Mar 13, 2013
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1. Vudoo V22 Action
Brought to the market a rimfire action that fits widely used stocks, widely used triggers, simple barrel replacements like centerfire actions. True gamechanger

2. Bighorn Origin
A sub $830 custom action with floating/interchangeable bolt heads, controlled round feed, fully enclosed mechanical ejector, DLC coated bolt heads, Nitrided action, savage small shank threads for prefit barrels which is the hot item today. Everyone wants to change barrels and build their own rifles without long gunsmith waiting times. Rem700 blueprint meaning it will drop into many existing Rem700 footprint stocks/chassis without a custom inlet. Makes truing and blueprinting a Rem700 obsolete.

3. Area419 ARCALOCK
Bringing the click adjustable ARCA system to market. No more having to wrench down as hard as you can on the tension knob on existing ARCA attachments and rechecking them various times throughout the day or matches because they come loose. Also offering a wide array of attachements/accessories for their new ARCA lock system. ARCALOCK accessories also work on standard ARCA rails as well which is a huge plus. I have a feeling we will be seeing this new ARCALOCK rail integrated on many chassis moving forward.

2018 isnt over yet and there are still a few more products coming out before the end of the year. One product thats high on my list is MDT's new centerfire chassis. Looking forward to putting it through its paces in the next month...
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May 24, 2018
Ok change to top ten......
Sig Kilo 2400 ABS
Terrapin X
224 Valkyrie
Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Action
Barrett Fieldcraft
Trigger Tech Triggers
AI Comp Triggers
RRS tripod
Col- Tac ammo book
MPA CZ455 Chassis
Im thinking ZC scopes might win for 2019 but not 2018.

I like the Atlas CAL vote also, but that just personal since i been asking for it for years.

If the AI thumb rest would come on, Im giving it my vote also, but thats a small market for AI shooters

Also dont know if its a 2018 thing, but I think MPA honestly deserves this IMO. I have seen more from MPA then anything else this year. Their rapid adjust bipod rail that allows the bipod to slide instantly was really cool. Im seeing their rail adaption on AX rifles now. Again might be last year, but Im only seeing it now.

RRS making some great gear also which is new to me also

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Aug 10, 2001
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The key thing that turns me off about gun writing is that it's usually about rather costly items, sometimes even items that advertise in the same publications.

While I can understand that there may be some economics driving such impressions, my suggestions here are more about getting the newer shooters into the market, and providing them with adequate equipment that fits in the beginners' budgets, allowing them access to the action where the experienced shooters perform.

Very simply, the sport always needs new blood, and the event organizers want to see those same people.

I think one suggestion is the Savage Service Program which allows current and past LE and Military personnel to buy up to two Savage Rifles each year at a 30% discount off list. As I type, I am also in the midst of using this program myself.

Apply that discount to the Savage Long Range Hunter 280 Ackley, and you just might have enough gun to try your skills at several competition venues.

I think that Mueller Optics offers an economical alternative to a lot of higher priced optics. I've been using their equipment in what little competitive shooting I can still manage, and I no longer have the reservations that their lower pricetags gave me the shivers over.

There are a lot more things like this but rather than type a novel, I just intend to take a swing on behalf of the beginners and other folks who want to do the interesting stuff, but can't buy off the top shelf.



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Nov 30, 2013
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The Everyday Sniper Podcast is #1. Period.

Area 419 brake and suppressor interchangeable mount system

Seekins Havak

BugNut, SAC barrel vice, and other self installation tools that allow ease and adoption of switch barrel systems for this who feel so inclined

Introduction and almost immediate adoption of 1.5” Dovetail mounts in general

RRS’s support and fantastic products they are putting out

Expanded Brass options (Peterson and Alpha)

Sub-$1000 actions allowing more people into the sport

Discount codes at matches
Mar 23, 2011
1) RRS Tripods / Arca - first setup you can actually buy better precision over the old Manfrotos
2) Full length 1.5" RRS (Arca style) rails.. Lets bipods move anywhere under the clock and even function like a barricade stop.
3) RRS BTC-PRO or the Harris version - needed for #2
4) Vudoo - well not much to say here it is a game changer
5) Game Changer (even though it has been longer than a year)
6) Leica 2700 Price/Beam size 1.2x.5mil (see the actual beam here), real ranging for the $799; Same size beam as the Terrapin; way smaller than the round 4.5moa Sig beams.
7) Autotricker/AND combo - fastest near kernel reloading combo out there under the big P’s rental unit.
8) NRL22 -- see #4 LOL
9) Sniper Hide back with a way better interface!
This, plus the Nucleus and other ~$1k actions that have some out this year.


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May 4, 2018
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I really like my Leupold Mark 5. I think it performs above its price point, and I have yet to hear any drama about it, other than leupold's illum up-charge.
Jun 19, 2013
Frederick, CO
Big items on my list are:

  • All the RRS SOAR stuff and the dovetail mount craze
  • Leupold Mark 5 HD
  • The sub-$1k R700 footprint actions
  • Triggertech triggers
  • Saracen and Traust bags
  • The Everyday Sniper podcast
  • Prefit barrels
The biggest item for me has been NRL22, which is only just over a year old. It has brought us the VuDoo barreled action, the Timney Calvin Elite trigger for 10/22, and seeing families work on marksmanship fundamentals together and having fun has been the best part of all.


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Feb 18, 2018
San Francisco
The only new product I have experience with is the Comanche Feild Bag from Chas @ Warhorse Development. A great little bag that helps build a super stable position. Looking forward to the deluxe version!
Oct 27, 2007
Mos Eisley
Not equipment and not new this year, but in my opinion the promotion this year of NRL22 is my winner. This is going to help our “sport” in many ways. Getting the Young Guns out there with attenable goals and challenges will keep this “way of life” of ours alive and well.
We have to get more young people out shooting. The NRL22 and all of the sponsors are really doing a great job!
There are so many great products out this year also.
May 23, 2012

Hey guys,

As many have read I am writing for Gun Digest, and my next topic is a "Gear of the Year" issue. So I have about 30 days to play and wanted to get your feedback

What is your vote for "Gear of the Year 2018,

Give me your Top 5 Examples of what you think changed 2018 for the better

Go !
Jul 29, 2014

Vudoo V22. what's not to like
Prefit barrels. shouldered and nut. CNC and high quality actions all but eliminates gunmith installs
Saracen/Comanche. the gamechanger to the original gamechanger
RRS SOAR. nothing beats it
Nucleus/Origin/Tenacity. custom action for the masses
Feb 14, 2017
I agree the Tikka rimfire looks great on paper, but Tikka sure has screwed the pooch as far as putting it anyones hands.

I'd wait until it was available to give it a vote at the very least....

It's an affordable rimfire trainer that drops in any Tikka inletted stock/ yes. Seriously.
Jan 2, 2018
Gear I voted for with my $$$

Vudoo V22, rebirth of vastly improved 40x 22 repeater that is both reliable and accurate
Magpul RLS sling (rifleman loop sling) $20 for a ching/rhodesian type sling that is long enough to be usable while attached to the rifle
MPA chassis, (well maybe not 2018, but great adj chassis with quick R&D upgrades)
KRG bravo chassis entry level chassis with the right ergonomics and features for R700 and tikka inlets
Labradar finally releasing phone app
Anschutz 54 action XLR chassis, this will be interesting
Custom actions coming in under $1k with great features
Athlon scopes feature sets in budget offerings
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Aug 14, 2018
-Bergara B14 HMR 6.5 Creedmoor
-Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 with MOA1 Reticle illuminated, 80MOAs total elevation
-Talley Remington 700 SA 20MOA Picatinny Rail & 30mm High Tactical 6-Screw Rings
-Badger Ordnance RH Angle Cosine Indicator & Mount
-Patriot Valley Arms 6.5mm "Jet Blast" Muzzle Brake
-Nikon Black RangeX 4K Rangefinder
-GeoBallistics BallisticsARC Pro App & WeatherFlow Weather Meter

Now the CC needs a well deserved break.
Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
If they are hinting to Frank to pump up crap so they can sell ads they are bound to be sourly disappointed.
Absolutely. The comment was meant to be about gun mags in general, and not about Frank, who is an exception several times over.

They cant feed kale to a Wolf. It just wastes the kale, and tends to piss off the Wolf...



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Feb 4, 2018
#1 Totally the Orginal GameChanger Bag it has improved scores from seasoned pros to the beginner
#2 Use Of slower 6mm BR chambering whatever your flavor the BR Case is here to stay
#3 RRS Type tripod not only for front support but rear support and use of Tact Table
#4 Swarovski SLC 15x Binos gone are the days when you need a spotting scope at a match. They pick up trace better and mirage for those important wind call pre-stage
#5 Hornady ELD Match projectiles with Berger relocating a void in the market place was created and the Hornady 6mm 108g and 6.5mm 140g ELDs really preform.


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Apr 25, 2018
New products I voted with money on that have not disappointed:

Amarican Rifle Company Nucleus short action

American Rifle Company threaded barrel Barloc

Masterpiece Arms Hybrid chassis (with a twist).

Cyke Pod

Tract Optics Toric HD 4-20x50 FFP Mil-Mil scope

Bobro low profile scope mount

AR15 Performance TAC6 barrel with custom dies (a 6mm 6.8SPC based wildcat)

New stuff I'm still waiting on:

Sig BDX binoculars and matching scope.
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