GAP Deal on Bushnell LRHS Scopes


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Apr 12, 2001
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The first 275 scopes were sold within 24 hours. next batch of scopes is due in late June. We will post here and several other forums on Facebook to inform everyone of the next sale. --Ken 3/1/18

Crazy Deal, Bushnell Elite Tactical has downsized SkU’s for 2017 so with the addition of the LRTS scopes has decided to drop the LRHS models. GA Precision has procured the last of them and is able to offer them for pretty much 1/2 Off MAP

As a Bonus, we are pairing them up with a Leatherman MUT Tool to make this even sweeter. Includes FDE Molle Pouch.

3 years ago Pat Sinclair and I (George) helped Bushnell design a no-nonsense hunting optic for the Elite Line. years worth of experience went into the specs of it. Have used this scope a ton and it’s Solid!

Awesome long-distance Target/Hunting optic with mil based illuminated reticle.

First focal plane G2H-i reticle allows ranging at any magnification
10 position illumination.
RevLimiter™ zero stop on elevation turret allows an instant return to zero
30mm tube for increased adjustment
Target-style elevation turret and resettable, capped, windage turret
Large Mil marking for fast adjustments
Zero mark Arrow for instant zero recognition
RainGuard HD lens coating
Fully multi-coated optics
Ultra Wide Band lens coatings
Side parallax adjustment
Manufactured in Japan by Light Optical for Bushnell Elite Tactical.

$800 for a Scope and MUT Tool
$750 for Scope only.

MUT Tools are not sold Separately you must purchase a scope to get the MUT.

This is a $1660 deal at MAP ( look it up)

for $800
Sep 22, 2014
Good to know John. I called them today to ask about the ones I ordered as I have shipping info on two of the three. I asked directly if they sold more than they had and I was told no, they’re still sorting out the orders.
Dec 22, 2017
Having bought one of these about a year ago and liking everything about it, but the parallax knob. Is it quite a bit stiffer than other scopes you guys have experience with. My sample of 3 of them that I have been around (all 4.5-18X44 LRHSi models) is that they all have super stiff parallax knobs which only gets worse in the cold. I have a couple LRHS 3-12s and the parallax knobs are normal to me. I am wondering if its something with just the illuminated models in particular.
Dec 22, 2017
Anyone know what the difference between this scope and their HDMR scopes?
I am assuming you are talking about the DMR 2 and HDMR 2?

If so I have both the LRHS mentioned above and a couple DMR 2 as well.


30mm tube.
G2 reticle (which I prefer for hunting)
Capped windage
No throw lever.
24 MILs of elevation
Obviously 4.5-18 and 44mm objective
28 oz

34mm tube
G3 Reticle
Locking windage
Throw lever
30+ MILs of elevation
3.5-21X50 (though tunneling below 4.5 or so.
35 oz

Maybe some other differences but those are the main ones off the top of my head.

Should be enough to get ya started ;)
Dec 22, 2017
It's stiff. But manageable. :)
I recognize the need for a stiffer Parallax on a carry rifle scope for hunting. Even though this has a dual role , that was its intended purpose. So it's all good for me

Haha I hear ya. But try it at 15 degrees and tell me what ya think ;)

It’s interesting cause the 3-12 LRHS feels fairly standard resistance but the 4.5-18i model is pretty darn stiff especially in cold weather.
Jan 6, 2007
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I am wondering if the Seekins low 0.82" or medium 0.87" would work. I want the lowest ring setup I can get for my rifle. It is a Rem 700 .22-250 with varmint contour barrel. I will end up with butler creek caps unless someone recommends a better option.