FX-120i & Trickler Durability


Dec 21, 2009
Franklin, WV
I got an FX-120i scale while it was on rebate for $350. I’m currently using a Lyman 55 powder measure and omega trickler and it’s a fairly efficient setup. I’m considering purchasing an autotrickler and maybe an autothrow. What’s the longevity on these parts? It’ll be a big purchase for me and I try to limit those to things that will last. My last big purchase was a Giraud and it’s built like a tank, really makes you feel like you’re buying something that your grandkids could inherit.



Jun 27, 2017
I've only loaded about 300 rnds with it, so far it is good. ONE thing that broke on me was the rubber pully for the auto-trickler. however, the kit i purchased came with 2 of them. You can also purchase replacement kits. AND from Adam's website, if you just need the pulley, email him. I'm sure he'll ship you some or at least let you know what type/length/thickness you need for replacement.

One other thing i recommend is get a 100gram Class 1 calibration weight. I had found that from place i purchased, the calibration was off ~0.15gr (something like that, can't remember)

I also recommend the Area 419 V2 base for the trickler. A419 powder cup is really optional. You can use some cheap measuring cups. Just make sure what ever you use, that the powder grains don't "Jump" out of the powder cup.

I should add...the electric motor for both the Auto-Throw and Auto-Trickler seems like good quality electric motors. I have no basis to base this on, but seeing/hearing how smooth it runs gives me confidence they are good parts.

checked my post from the other thread. My A&D FX120i balance was off by 0.664 grains. That's a lot! I re-calibrate every time prior to weighing any powder. Temperature, humidity does affect the scale. So make sure re-calibrate before use.
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