FS/FT Spartan Precision 6.5 SAUM 4s (Feeler) *looking for a hunting rig* pics attached


Whiskey and Bad Decisions
Mar 24, 2014
East Coast
I have a unfired 6.5 SAUM 4s built by Spartan Precision that I have been on the fence about trading or selling. I have had it for a year and haven’t got to shoot it due to military orders. My interests have taken me back towards the hunting realm and away from PRS style shooting.

Remington action with side bolt release, bartlein mtu contour barrel finished at 24 inches, APA brake, Timney trigger. Is sitting in a manners T4a with mini chassis with Badger DBM and rails. The rifle is in pristine condition, and again, has never been fired. I have dies, brass, and loaded rounds that would go with the sale/trade as well.

$2800 shipped


Looking for a rig that is geared more towards hunting. Possibly with a proof barrel. Chambered in (6.5 creed,260,6.5x47,6.5SAUM/PRC) Open to other hunting calibers as well including LA/magnums. Could also be interested in a high end AR (KAC, LVOA, Larue) as well. I will get pictures uploaded tomorrow. PM for more details.
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