FS: Dies, Powder Measure, Priming Unit & Bullet Comparator


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Jun 24, 2011
Lancaster, CA
Here are a few things that I no longer need. See pictures below in the following posts. I take PayPal FF and/or postal money orders.

- Redding 338 RUM Type-S Match Bushing Neck Die Set, used, good condition. $150 shipped.

- Redding 3BR Powder Measure with universal metering chamber and RS-6 bench stand, used, excellent condition. $170 shipped.

- RCBS Ram Priming Unit, used, excellent condition. Has two rings - the non-locking one that comes standard with the unit and a lock ring that I purchased separate. $15 shipped.

SPF - Sinclair hex style bullet comparator, used, excellent condition. 22, 6mm, 25, 26, 7mm and 30 cal. $13 shipped.
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