FS: Defiance deviant barreled action, Bergara LRP premier series 308, XLR element with taclite stock

Jun 7, 2013
Boston, MA
Having a moving sale as these don't get much use and the house expenses are adding up... These are cross posted so first "I'll take it" is the one I'll go with. Payment would be through DISCREET paypal gift (or add 4%) with nothing in the comments section, or money order/cashier check. Prices include shipping and are OBO. Email me with questions or for more pictures!

1st is my custom bolt action with all work done by RWS gunsmithing. Meant to make this a switch barrel action but never got the chance to put on a 30 cal barrel unfortunately.

Manufacturer/Model: Defiance Deviant SA with AW magazine cut. This drops right into standard rem700 stocks, it is not the slightly longer deviant model
Caliber: 223rem (with additional bolt for 308). I had two bolts made for this action, one for 223 (deep flutes, tear drop bolt knob) and one for 308 (shallower fluting and the tactical bolt knob).
Barrel Specs: 21" Bartlein barrel chambered 223rem, threaded 5/8-24" with blended cap, 1:7.7 twist, 5R rifling if I recall correctly
Round Count: ~550
PRICE: $1850 for the BA with two bolts, add timney 517 trigger ($80)

2nd is my Bergara premier series LRP. I got two of these originally and customized one with the very light huber trigger and brake for bench shooting. The other one was going to be my hunting rig so I kept the stock Timney trigger on it but it has just been sitting in the safe after sighting it in. Was very accurate and I was getting similar groups to the one from factory with 175gr bullets even though they tested it with the 168s.

Manufacturer/Model: Bergara premier series LRP (all stock except for adding the XLR NV rail, Timney trigger, XLR chassis and taclite stock, deadair sandman brake)
Caliber: 308 win
Round Count: ~50
PRICE: $1300

XLR element+taclite stock for rem700 sa. Used, has minor scratches around trigger guard but works perfectly well. HOGUE GRIP NOT INCLUDED. i need it for another project $375 SPF
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