Frankford case tumbler or????


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Feb 28, 2018
A buddy of mine gave me his old case tumbler, but its not really a tumbler. It's some sort of old school plastic pad with a ziploc style container on top that essentially vibrates with walnut media inside.

Honestly I don't think it does the best job. Thinking about getting the Frankford arsenal version that appears to do a better job circulating the media.

Is that the best bet or should I think about something else? I see a lot of reviews for the stainless still pin rotary drums, but I have to think they will cause more issues to your brass in the long run. Ultrasonic versions seem ok, but for $35 the Frankfrod tumbler is tough to beat if it works.......
Jan 6, 2012
I've worn out two or three Frankfort vibe tumblers. I use a berrys now. Same guys that make the plated bullets. They make a couple for others to put their name on as well.
Nov 8, 2017
Bluffton, SC
I’ve used the same Frankford tumbler for about seven years and thousands upon thousands of cases. A capful of NuFinish every three or four batches, a used dryer sheet cut into quarters and 3-4 hours later the cases look almost brand new. No dumping out dirty water, no drying brass in the oven or the sun. It’s clean, quick and easy. A no-brainer for me.
Nov 24, 2013
I have an older Hornady vibratory tumbler and a newer Lyman. I run freshly-fired cases in the Hornady, and use the Lyman once they've been cleaned/resized in order to get the resizing goo off of them. The reason I use two tumblers is so that the media that I use to clean the carbon off of fired cases doesn't get contaminated with resizing goo.
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