FNX 45 Tactical Red Dot Woods Defense (RMR / Deltapoint / etc)

Mar 3, 2017
I have a new FNX 45 Tactical on the way and I want to get a red dot for it. Quality and durability are my top concerns. I will be carrying the gun as a hunting sidearm predominately. I will also be using it at night with a weapon light. I definitely want my iron sights as a backup.

Which red dot would you choose and with what dot size? (Iron sights is not an acceptable answer :D)

The top two I'm currently considering are the Type 2 RMR Adjustable LED and the Leupold Deltapoint.

What is the best way (or even the options) for setting the dot up? This will be my first pistol with a dot and I'm not sure how people usually set them up to cowitness.

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