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Feb 16, 2017
Basically anything other than the shot. Picking the right spot for a hide, building said hide, choosing ingress/ egress routes etc.


Feb 10, 2006
Take up turkey hunting. You dont have shoot them, just hunt them so you dont have to worry about seasons and tags. But build a blind and call them in. Turkeys unlike most critters can distinguish colors. They have excellent eye sight. You fool turkeys you can fool people.

As to night land nav. Learn the stars and there relationship to your area. I spent a lot of time in Western Alaska, there is zero terrain features and pace counts on skis suck so I learned to use the stars.

Nothing new, people have been using the stars for navigation for thousands of years. Get a pocket watch and leave it set to zulu time, then with the sun and stars you can pretty much tell where you are. It takes practice of course.
Feb 16, 2017
Been hard to get out lately, but I've been able to get out a couple of times by myself and a couple of times with my partner. The weather has been a challenge being cold and snowy a lot the last couple months.

One thing we did was set up a target in a spot then went to a starting point and planned our route in and possible firing positions. We worked our way around to one of these positions with the goal of doing so though cover discretely then ranging the target and either taking one shot or just confirming distance with range finder then ex fil through a different route back to the starting point.

I am comfortable moving through the woods quietly and discretely having hunted all of my life. One thing I had never had to consider before is being conscious of leaving my trace behind for a good tracker to pick up. This is likely not something I will need to worry about in my capacity, but it is always good to have knowledge and skill even if it's not necessary going to be always put into practice.

I would like to try and do more of this in an urban environment, but this obviously brings forth it's own set of challenges in itself. I did find out that it's a real bitch trying to range a target in the blowing snow and failing light! I am having a blast doing it though and it beats the hell out of sitting on the couch!
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