Feedback on MagnetoSpeed T1000?

Aug 21, 2011
We used one and it was cool. Works just like the videos. We only had it at 600y, but you could clearly see the flash with the naked eye, through the scope it was great. We even shot some holes through the reflector. I would advise user to mount it to the top of the target rather than the sides if possible to avoid the reflector with misses due to wind.
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We've used ours at 1188 yards and 1760 yards, both times on a full-sized 3/8" AR500 IPSC. At 1188 yards, the terrain from the firing line to the target was pretty flat. We could detect hits without any problem through optics with a 16" .308, 6 Creed, and 6.5 Creed. If you were looking for it you could see the red light with the naked eye. However, at 1760 yards, seeing the flashing red light was very inconsistent. We were shooting 6 Creed and 6.5 Creed at that distance and there were numerous times when we did not see any flashing red light, and that was with at least 2 or 3 people spotting in addition to the shooter. We were surprised when we went down range and saw many more impacts than we saw red flashes. We think part of the reason for this is that the terrain from the firing line to the target was elevated as we placed the target on a hill. Since you have to be aligned within 18 degrees of the front of the prism for best results, we assume we were outside that 18 degrees or where we impacted the target with our rounds lacked the energy to set off the Magnetospeed. When we were aligning the Magnetospeed, since the firing line was so far away and at a different elevation, we were just kinda guessing where the firing line was and guessing whether or not we were aligned. In hindsight we should've used radios to set off the Magnetospeed and communicate visibility with the firing line.
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C. Rance

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Jul 14, 2007
Fort Benning
We have been evaluating five T1000 units and so far we have had success with them. Our furtest test so far has been to 1640 meters, in which we could see the red indicator light flash while viewing through our optics.

We did have some hits not register, but I think it was due to a misalignment of the device. We were shooting .300 win mag, 190 gr SMK.

Make sure you follow the instructions when mounting the device and like others have stated, alignment of the device is important in order to see the indicator.
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Aug 14, 2010
Alaska (AK)
Thank you all who’ve given their $0.02 on it. It seems to be a winner. I’m going to make a few bevel cuts in a spare reflector and will let you know if that opens up the reflective arc.


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Feb 11, 2017
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I have enjoyed them as an RO at PRS matches as well as a shooter. They hold up well, even when you put a bullet through the reflector it continues to emit light towards you that is easily visible. One stage I RO’ed had it on a diamond around the 400yd mark, with all 10 shots by every competitor taken at that target. Needless to say, it got used a lot in one day (beer math ended up being around 800+ impacts for the day).

I can’t comment on the “near miss” feature, as it is turned off for matches.

I will be picking up two for my own steel targets in the future to make it easier to spot.

There is a company that is doing a steel target and the indicator for almost the same price as just the T1000, I need to find it again to suggest it to my wife for a birthday gift.