Federal Match: American Eagle vs XM118LR vs Gold Metal


Feb 26, 2019
Has anyone any data on the differences between the American Eagle Match ammo vs Gold Metal; both in 168gr 308 (118LR @ 175gr)?

Price difference looks lucrative, but I assume the brass on the Gold Metal is at least shinier ;) Anyone know of powder or primer differences?

.79/round: https://carolinamunitions.com/federal-a76251m1a-standard-308-win-7-62-nato-otm-168-gr-200-rounds.html


.86/round https://www.outdoorlimited.com/bulk-ammo-case-pricing/federal-7-62x51mm-nato-ammo-xm118lr-long-range-match-175-grain-open-tip-match-otm-500-rounds/


.90/round https://usarmorment.com/308-762x51-c-1_227/federal-308-gold-medal-match-168-gr-bthp-gm308m500-500-round-case-p-3103.html


Super Boot
Be weary of XM118LR (white boxes and/or loose) as it isn’t the same as M118LR (brown box). I did some stuff for work where management decided to skimp on ammo, and ordered up XM118LR instead of M118LR or BH/FGMM....like they were supposed to.

It grouped at 100yds out of our M24’s and SR25’s but went to shit 200 and out. Talking keyholes at 300yds (not the good kind but the “vertical slap” into the target) or flyer rounds impacting on the edges of the target backers (6’x6’ backers). This occurred across all of the rifles on the line.

The ammo, despite being “new in box, sealed, LC stamped” was of different years yet the same lot. Had stamps from 2014-2017 all in the same 20rd box with most being discolored and showing slight corrosion/build up.

It became a game of “go through all of the ammo we have and sort each pile by year then hope for the best.”

Stay away from XM118LR unless you’re using it for plinking or as cheap fouling ammo. That shit is factory floor sweepings.

Bare minimum is always FGMM. If you can find brown boxed M118LR (the actual mil/govt boxed ammo), then sure, go for it...but keep in mind it probably came from somewhere.
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