Extreme Range Silhouette


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Apr 11, 2018
I have been shooting a club match at North Fork Sprotsman is Saltville, VA http://www.nfscinc.com/contact/ , they have a Extreme Range Silhouette. Shot at 80 yds. to 200 yds. They are shooting the rimfire rifle silhouette target at double the range. Chicken at 80 yds, Pigs at 120yds, Turkeys at around 150 yds, Rams at 200 yds. This is a good starter match for long range rimfire. They have 2 classes benchrest / open no limits, Factory class- factory gun with 9 power scope ( you turn your scope to 9X ). All is shot from a bench. 2nd Sat of the month, next one is june 9th.

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