Excel Templates for - Reloading, Data Logging, Targets, Range Cards - (free)


Jul 11, 2017
Hi guys,

Just wanted to try and help give back on this forum. Everyone here is a great bunch of guys with a wealth of knowledge so I'd like to give back where I can. I've developed some templates in Excel for reloading, range reports, and group analysis. It may seem like alot of information initially, but I find it to be very thorough. Hope this can be of some help to ya'll. (If anyone has input on how I can improve, please feel free to msg me w/ your ideas.)

1) Reloading Template (click to download)
Note: This my main reloading file. It has multiple tabs in the spreadsheet and stores
- Rifle Specs (ie: torque specs, saami spec, etc..)
- Reloading Log (2nd tab)
- Factory Ammo Data Log (3rd tab)
- MV Variation based on Ammo Temp table and curve
- There is a tab to place your ballistic software charts as well if you'd prefer
**A printable copy can be found here in case you like to do it on the bench w/ pen and paper

2) Range Card Template (click to download)
Note: This is for your DOPE and is taken to the range.

3) Range Report Template (click to download)
Note: This works with the Reloading Template and is for placing your Magnetospeed Chrono data in an Excel file. There is also a scatter plot graph that can be used to with the Average Velocity or individual velocities to see the curve.

4) Targets (click to download)
Note: These fit on an 8.5x11 piece of paper, and I purchase some el cheapo stickers on Amazon. (amazon target sticker link here)
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Apr 8, 2017
I've been using an excel sheet I made to help me keep track of data through my journey into reloading and these completely blew mine out of the water, nice work!
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