Energetic Armament NYX Mod2


May 20, 2017
Hello members of the HIDE,
First off let me start by saying, lots of great info here in the silencer section of the forum. It has been great to read all the posts and gather as much info as I can this past year or so.
That being said, I just picked up a new Tactical Solutions X-Ring TD, and I am looking for a new rimfire silencer for it. I already own a DeadAir Mask, SigSauer SRD22X, and SiCo WarlockII. This will be stamp number 19 for me, and I am looking for something a little different, and out of the box. I know the TBAC22 Takedown is highly regarded around here, but from what I have read, it is nearly equal with the Mask. Does anyone one on the forum have any experience with the Energetic Armament NYX Mod2? I have also be curious about the Rugged Oculus, I like that they are both modular and I can run them in a short configuration. Are there any other good up and coming silencer manufactures out there to try out??

cheers Cris