Ecstatic to join the 1000m+ club from australia


Feb 4, 2018
This is my first post to this amazing forum.
Huge thanks To Frank for this resource of Knowledge.

Last week I finally shot at targets beyond my local range of 500m.

I layed prone behind my rem 700 300WSM looking at a full Size Ipsc target at 700m. Adjusted squeezed one off and hit on first shot. That blew my Mind.

The next day we reset to the max we could and it lasered at 1031m across a valley. Flight path would be at least 100m from valley floor.

My first shot.... Was close. Litterily over the left shoulder. I couldn't believe it.

2nd shot.... Was a solid hit.
Now that really blew my mind. I absolutely couldn't believe it. 3rd shot. Another solid hit.

Over the next 2 hours while swapping shooters I managed a string of 5 hits in a row after some mosses while trying to work out what The wind was doing. I think we had several wind changes through the distance

Total 9 hits from 20 shots.
Super happy. Just want to go further now

My rifle is a rem 700 action. 308 rechambered to 300wsm.
1-11 twist heavy custom barrel
GRS laminated stock
Leupold mk4 6.5-20/50 tmr scope with Custom CDS dial
Using factory federal 150gr nosler Ballistic tips

Thanks guys

Thanks Frank And Mike for the podcast. Gives me something to think about while commuting


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