Don't be THESE GUYS... the Death of Precision Rifle


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Apr 12, 2001
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As many know, I have been highly critical in the past of groups like the PRS, and while I have come to terms, and even support the PRS there is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. One I have seen personally and something I can speak on with confidence. So let me set this up:

A long time ago, Sniper's Hide partnered with Rifles Only for the sole purpose of hosting precision rifle matches down that their facility in Kingsville TX. In fact we are returning to our roots this year and will be hosting the PRS Tactical Division Finale as part of the Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only. Way back in 2001-2002, Jacob Bynum of Rifles Only traveled to Connecticut to ask me if they could host a match for Sniper's Hide. In his words, Sniper's Hide needed to have a match, and it had to be at Rifles Only.

Prior to this, for years, Rifles Only was putting on matches for small groups of shooters in South Texas. You can see pictures down there of 10, 15, 25 guys organized to have matches as far as back as the mid 1990s. Before anyone heard of the PRS. The Success of what Rifles Only organized combined with the energy Sniper's Hide brought to the competitions set the standard for what you have today. The PRS was born out of these matches, and everything that followed was / is compared to what we accomplished at Rifles Only. Sure you can think you are doing something special, odds are, we've been there, done that, and handed out the T Shirts.

Fast forward to the last 4 years, I have felt, and I am not alone, that the addition of sponsored shooters, and Teams is ruining the matches for a lot of people, including myself as a Match Director. The Sniper's Hide Cup is probably the longest running match of its kind. We used to put on two matches a year, the SHC, and Shooter's Bash. Aside the classes we worked together, my time with Rifles Only saw a lot of shooters pass through the gates. On top of that I traveled to a lot of matches around the country as a competitor. This over the last 15 years, we have seen this sport grow and change in a variety of ways. Some good, some bad...

The good is the growth of the sport, there are more matches than ever. The innovation and imagination is great, though I am not as big a fan of all of it, some of it is too gimmicky, but over all A+ for all involved. It's a lot of work, and should be recognized. Hosting a match is not easy.

My Bad, is super bad, the Shooter's and their sense of entitlement, they act like it's something special because they attended a weekend rifle match. And these are team / Jersey'd shooters I am talking about, not your average shooter who looks at this like a vacation or a limited opportunity. These Sponsored Shooters or Team Guys feel they are entitled to rewards the average match shooter is not. I have been personally told this, directly...

"I attend 5 PRS matches a year spending my money" (as if nobody is spending their money) "and I deserve the better prizes, and I deserve a different level of treatment" ....

I know what you are gonna say before you say it, "Gee Frank all the PRS shooter's I have met are great, super nice, and helpful;" ... except they are not, and really just good at hiding it from most who dont' know what to look for... some are scumbags.

Ask Kasey Beltz from B&T who was a Range Officer for me at the 2015 SHC. He was treated like dog shit by Jersey'd shooter who, one of which was particularly disrespectful had a B&T logo on his shirt. Kasey let the shooter be the ass he felt he could be, and simply said, "Nice Logo" to the guy. The next day the guy came up and apologized, he didn't even know who Kasey was, and apparently someone told him that night. Point being, why treat any Range Officer badly, the matches don't work without them.

This past SHC we had 50 Range Officers, the year before 40 Range Officers. Most of these guys travel on their own dime. You are not pulling that many locally, and most of them pay their own expenses, aside from food. It's a thankless Job.

So to my point :

Jacob recently held the Brawl down at Rifles Only. He had 100+ Shooters, and 26 Range Officers. After announcing the Top 10 Shooters, he spoke about the Range Officers to the group and then let them choose from the prize table. I have seen amazing acts of generosity from Jacob, to giving rifles he won away, I mean the list is endless. Rewarding a non-paying Range Officer with a trip to the prize table is the least we can do, they are not paid and it's still costing them money. Most of his Range Officers live beyond 4 hours away. They have to travel, time off work (Rifles Only holds matches on Friday / Saturday) away from the family, etc.

So here is what a group of "anonymous" shooter's did after he rewards the Range Officers:

I waited a couple of weeks to send this to make sure the following wasn't spur of the moment. Everyone I have spoken with still feels the same way so here goes.

First off I’d like to say thanks for hosting an awesome match. Lot of fun and challenging stages.

I think that giving that scope away to the shooter who didn’t have the best gear was EXTREMELY classy and generous. He’ll never forget it and will likely keep that for the rest of his life. Myself and many others were very excited for him.

It was also incredible that you hosted a challenge specifically to donate money to help a fellow shooter in the community as well, and on top of that when the amount raised didn't satisfy you, you created a raffle to raise even more money. Absolutely awesome. The RO’s also did a great job and were very professional and fair all the way around. The barbecue at the end of the match was a good touch as well and was greatly appreciated.

The one complaint (and everyone I spoke with also had this concern) was how you dealt with the prize table. I COMPLETELY agree that the RO’s deserve something for their time and hard work. I have been an RO several times at PRS matches and will continue to be whenever I am not shooting them. RO’s are a vital part of our sport and it would not exist without them. And again, I COMPLETELY agree that they deserve to be rewarded, but not in the fashion they were. I was completely satisfied with what I walked away with, but it is a slap in the face to the shooters who pay $275 to get into the match + travel + hotel + bullets + brass + time + the sheer skill involved to finish high enough to get a good prize and have it taken away by someone who invested only time.

Watching RO’s walk away with $900 barrel certificates, $1000+ chassis’, nice optics etc was wrong and you could tell just by the way the RO’s hesitated when they were told they could pick ANYTHING off the table that they didn’t think it was right either. Some of the more respectful RO’s recognized that fact more than others and took smaller items, but a LOT of great items were taken by RO’s and for someone to finish in the top 15 and pick up a prize barely the value of their buy-in when the RO’s are walking out with $1000 items for only helping is incredibly insulting and sets a bad precedent. It will lead to RO’s signing up to help just to try and benefit from it rather than doing it to help the sport. It also did and will leave a bad taste in shooters mouths whenever/wherever it happens again.
I can’t speak on this for certain, but I also highly doubt that the companies donating prizes were donating them so that RO’s could pick up many of the best ones without competing.
The most common thing I have seen is one large item (and several smaller items) raffled off between the RO’s, or there is a prize table specifically for RO’s with items worth $1-300 which is more than fair and is always greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I'm not trying to bash you or the match, but myself and many others thought this needed to be addressed and I drew the short straw.

Hope you have a good week.

Bitch Ass Fucking Cowards...

They emailed this letter to Jacob this week. Yes this actually put this in writing.

Entitlement, plain and simple, these scumbags are not doing anything for this sport but taking for themselves. It's about them and theirs.

We can replace them in a heart beat, and you know why they are not signing this, because they know we'd put them on a black list and never allow them to shoot a match again.

They are SPONSORED SHOOTERS these guys who complain. They did the exact same thing at the SHC in 2015 so much so, I dropped the mic, told them if they wanted the shit on the table so bad, take it ... and like the vultures they are did exactly that.

The Range Officers didn't think it was wrong you fucking shit heads, they never had any one give them something to that degree before. Usually it's a raffle or a few prizes.

Here is a fucking clue, not only do these guys get most of their shit paid for, (Jersey shooters) what they take the off the table they sell. If you have Bushnell on your shirt and get a Vortex scope do you think it going to get used in the next match ? Hell NO ! They sell it and it actually pisses off the sponsors of the competition to see stuff posted online come Monday Morning for sale.

This letter spells it out better than I ever could ... they dislike the guys that are shooting a match who are not PRS members, who are not Top 25 Shooters, and they dislike the fact they have to listen to a Range Officer. They don't think you know what you doing, all they want is their buddy to RO because nobody else is up to their standard. They cause all sorts of drama on the line saying their tiny 6mm hit the target at 1250 yards in the wind and rain and the RO calls a miss. They bully, they cheat, yes cheat, and they manipulate the system every chance they get. One guy lies the other swears to it and then they go the prize table, take stuff only to sell. Why do you think they created the alibi system, so they could figure out where they stand, hatch a plan to manipulate it and then change their score to get what they want or need.

One year I raffled off a Surgeon Rifle to my Range Officers, I mean, I only had 7 rifles to give away, I figured one to the Range Officers is a great way to say thanks. They attacked me online viciously for doing it. Who was I (besides the Match Director) to give a high end rifle to my Range Officers. They even bitched at me because George Gardner won the Top Gun rifle which they felt was sub par to the Surgeon. The Top Gun was highly customize LRI Rifle in Burnt Bronze, engraved all over. It was a trophy.

If the Range Officers have a separate prize table, like the drafters of this letter propose, where do you think it comes from ? They act like moving the prize from the main table to a separate table is gonna make this feel different. As if ... don't take it off OUR Table, put it on your own. See how stupid they sound. Fucking chumps ... It's their twisted justification.

These shooters have soured me on Precision Rifle Competition... and I love this stuff. I eat, breathe, and sleep it... but they make it where I want nothing to do with any of them.

Matches have been $275 dollars to attend for 8 years at least. Hotels, rental cars, Ammo Costs, really, ammo cost. A clue here Jersey boy, if you have an issue with ammo, don't shoot the matches.

You know why they do it, they want free shit, they want to be able to say to their buddies at work, what they took off the table, who they got as a sponsor to give them something to act like a big shot. There is nothing positive about their motivation, nothing. Selfish, Entitled Pricks is all we have here.

Notice how he said he drew the short straw, this is not the work of one man, this is a collective hive. The Teams are part of the problem. Sure I like a lot of the team guys on a personal level. Heck I will even tag along with them during a match. But the team mentality is a problem in this sport. It's an individual event, not a team event.

We need as a group to weed these guys out. I am opting to reduce the prize table and I will personally hand out prizes to the deserving few, the Top 10 can take home a trophy. Ask your sponsor for a gift.

Sponsors, you need to insist on a code of conduct for your shooters. They need to pay back your generosity by contributing in a positive way. Not penning stupid fucking letters to Match Directors.

The PRS Board, you need to be the Shooter's Governing Body, not so much the match. Sure put some standards in place, but police the shooters. When a guy fucks up, he is punished. Not like you handled my issue and let the guy shot the very next match hosted by a PRS Board Director. You had enough evidence of a problem, hell people called you and complained before I said a word. And still that shooter breezed on as if nothing was wrong. Why he brings in a sponsor... bull fucking shit. Tell the sponsor what happened.

There is a solution to attitudes like this, I have screaming about this for years. Maybe now you will see what I am talking about.

Okay, this is a ton of writing, I am spitting bile over this crap. When will enough be enough. I know what a good match is, I know what a shooter who contributes looks like, this is not it. Make this viral and put on spotlight on this kind of thinking.

Fuck the authors of this letter, don't ever sign up for one of my matches you will not be missed. I am sure Jacob feels the same way.

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Aug 21, 2012
Jeezus, I'd love to reach a point where someone is basically paying me to shoot and giving me freebies just for being the special snowflake that I am.
About the time I really started paying attention to PRS and considering it as a personal training tool. I also started noticing the "power" of the team/sponsored shooters and realized that if I were to spend my money on matches, I still wasn't likely to be competitive.

Personally, as poor as I am these days, I'd spend the money on an actual class rather than being one of the peons at a PRS.

I was hoping that they'd take an approach of a "pro" and amateur division. Structure the prizes or whatever for the divisions. I'd love to shoot a PRS against a bunch of fellow recreational shooters who were in it for the love of the game.
May 30, 2006
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Great write up Frank. A lot of the jersey shooters are great guys but their reputation is being ruined by the few entitled shooters. This is being talked about a lot, you just drew the short straw and had to bring to to the forefront.
My personal opinion, prize table stuff is best to give to those who need it, not the winners. Winners already have the best, and possibly didn't have to buy it.

IMO, winners should be honored with trophies, medals, and things which acknowledge their achievement.

This is the way it's done at the Berger Southwest Nationals; prize table is random draw, and winners get medals and trophies. Personally I like this best and we don't get a lot of complaints.

Aug 31, 2007
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Well said Frank.....i've been contemplating shooting in my first match, but seeing photos from previous matches and seeing more than a few guys with the logo'd jerseys makes a beginner, like myself, question if we really want to do it for fear of being belittled or questioned why we are shooting with not high end stuff....kind of a toss up in the end


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Jun 26, 2012
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Thanks for articulating how many of us feel. It's why I stopped doing 3 gun. Not only could I no longer afford it, I was tired of the egos. Many are solid people. Humble people. Too many are not.
Feb 23, 2017
I was at this match. I am 64 years old and a new shooter. This was also my very first PRS match. I finished 92nd out of 96. I had no expectations of getting anything from the prize table but ended up getting a new rifle bag and a $100 gift certificate. I thought it was great tha Jacob let the range officers pick something off the table. They have a very hard job to do with some occasional grumpy shooters. I also thanked as many of them asI could for the job they did
Feb 13, 2017
It's good to see you calling them out and standing up for the people who are in it for the sport. I try to help the MD whenever I can because I have seen how much work it is to put on a match.
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Feb 23, 2017
Well said Frank, being an RO is hard, my eye glued to the spotter for 8-10 hours, drawing maps and trying to repeat the same info 100 times, making sure i never miss a hit on steel, all while the sooner ask "what's my time" :) i never get to see the other stages, i don't get to hang with my buddies, i'm lucky to eat 1/2 a sandwich between groups of shooters ( :) then again i don't have to load ammo or hump a 40lb pack all day )

I very much appreciate a pass on the table, as i do shoot 1-3 matches a year and try and pick something i will use

I'll be ROing at Hide Cup this year - see you there Frank


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Feb 13, 2017
Great post Frank. I know from my standpoint which is limited as I am newer, and with college don't have the time or money to shoot a full blown PRS match other than a club or local match but eventually will. All the guys I have met have been phenomenal individuals. No doubt there are bad apples scattered in there. I am very fortunate that this year Ill be wearing a jersey, and receiving some help from work to get the best gift which for me is getting to shoot more and do what makes me happy. I see the downsides to a jersey and the benefits. Mine is nothing more than a nice shirt from work plus added logos of companies I like a lot that said it would be okay to put their logo on it. For me it is just a way to help a company I really love that I'm not connected to in anyway, and a way to support those who support this community. I think the sponsor power gets to some peoples head and they lose track of why they shoot matches in the first place. My greatest gift/prize is the ability to shoot and do something I love, and to be a sponge and learn as much as I can from all the incredible shooters around me. For the RO's they give so much. They have no obligation to be at a match other than they love the sport and want to help out by giving all of us the greatest gift of time. Prize tables seem like a cool thing but It sounds like it makes individuals lose track of their focus. They become fixated on the prizes and not on the greatest prize of just being able to compete and challenge themselves. I could be wrong and maybe this did not come out the way I wanted it to sound but I always thought the biggest value for anyone whether non jersey or jersey is to always remain humble as we are all the same no one of us better than another and to be ever thankful we even get to participate in this incredible sport at all. Either way to those who helped me from my first match and to those who continue to help me and all those amazing individuals I have yet to meet both new and experienced, RO's and match staff thank you so incredibly much for everything you do for me as an individual and the entire shooting community. You are all amazing and I am ever thankful. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
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Jon Lester

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Frank, we have watched this thing grow over the years from what we knew to what it is. Through it all there has always been a percentage of shitbirds in the game, now the numbers are higher yielding more shitbirds. I as well as you, have seen, acts on the line, at the stage, during scoring and after the match that I would not approve of, nor would I allow my kids to be a part of, by both company affiliated and non affiliated shooters. But I have, as well as you have seen others, many others, help competitors plan a stage, describe what worked, loan equipt, work on a rifle that went down, remove parts from our backup to repair a strangers primary,even the scope. We explain the course of fire to a new shooter, show how the sling is meant to work, discuss the best place to find gear and 1000s of other things every match. These things go on around every match and most shooters don't even notice it. Heck at last years championship my turret cap slipped and I shot 3 Stages with Tyler Payne's rifle and ammo and outscored him on one of them and tied him on another. Honorable things are happening along with the things you speak of.

Prize table activity goes both ways,I have witnessed guys give fellow competitors things they needed and saw guys take things they had no need for. As a personal choice, and have been argued with on strong merits, the fact I will never pick up an item to sell. That is just my personal standard and I have laid it down to Sydnei as well. If we don't need it, someone behind me does. Now this has led me to rings or a muzzle break before but so has a lower finish, both were of my doing. My view is the prize table items are advertisement investments and if I cant advertise it as well as others can I should leave it. But, But, BUT although I have a very close affiliation with Nightforce and use them exclusively on the comp guns, If Scott has a slick Vortex on the table when I peruse by,I will grab it like a fat kid on a pack of Skittles and you will see me espouse its value and merits on social Media as the kids perform fabulous feats of marksmanship in fields or woods."Only if I can use it" is the standard.To date I have never had to sell an item from the table and have personally thanked the supplier of nearly everything my faimly has taken. I also pay all my match fees and travel.God has blessed me with this.

ROs / ROs are the holy grail of the sport, they truly are the linemen, all work no glory. I agree with you 100% on this. we both know several guys who love to shoot but have ROed many many more matches than they shoot! That's their character and it doesn't hurt to reward it.I personally try to remember to never leave a stage without thanking personally the ROs for their work,and be sincere with it,and going back to the earlier part of this, by day 2 half of the squad will do it as well, their are good folks here.

I don't think you meant it as all inclusive but it seems to come off that way when you speak of "Jersey Shooters" and "Teams" I have seen and heard of questionable issues of ethics, and would be naive to think that some of it weren't true,but I don't think they all fall into that basket. I will usually ask not to squad with a lot of our team members, not because i don't like them, I do, but because it does our sponsors justice to impact more squads with our product and removes the "Pressure in numbers" potential that can and does happen, Plus it gives me someone different to hang with and build relationships. I personally know teams with impeccable ethics, Some decent folks and also some who have had past issues. It does a lot of good companies no justice to lump everyone together. All in all I tend to agree with the rant, I just ask to not include everyone in the one bucket.


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Feb 13, 2017
Well said Frank.....i've been contemplating shooting in my first match, but seeing photos from previous matches and seeing more than a few guys with the logo'd jerseys makes a beginner, like myself, question if we really want to do it for fear of being belittled or questioned why we are shooting with not high end stuff....kind of a toss up in the end
No need to nervous. I was new last year and really nervous and my first match all day long everyone helped me with borrowing a piece of gear or advice on a position or anything. Please don't let the bad apples turn you away from this incredible sport. I love it so much its like my life i can't stop haha. Would love to see you at a match and help you in anyway we as a community can


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Oct 25, 2009
Great write up Frank... I understand the PRS but this issue carries over to more than just the "top" level. I shoot just a few club matches a year; for many reasons - mostly because time and family (I don't want to burn all my passes up before hunting season!). I don't give a flip about cost. If I couldn't afford it, I wouldn't be shooting the match.

The bigger reason(s) I don't shoot more matches are:

( 1 ) the lack of desire to be looked down on by the cliches formed by some "professionals" (this does NOT pertain to everyone wearing a jersey - there are real class guys out there as well that will go out of their way to help an amateur and I have many I call friends).

( 2 ) the way club matches are set up to cater to the PRS shooters who are using the Club Match(es) as practice.

This means the course of fire is staged for top tier PRS with unrealistic time constraints on obstacles that the "casual" match shooter is going to have issues completing because half their time is going to be spent figuring out how to overcome a position without 15 bags/pillows. Sorry, I'm not 25 anymore... mine and many others bodies don't bend that way anymore (I so glad that they took the Rat Trap out of the Rifles Only Club match I shot! LOL! I wouldn't have been able to walk for a week). The last club match I shot they cut time down in some stages by up to 30 seconds AT THE SHOOTERS MEETING because the PRS guys complained that they "needed to practice" for an upcoming match and the par times were too long FOR THEM. Fine... set your own freaking par time and run that.

The amateurs/hobbyists in the field have no delusions of grandeur that they will finish on the podium... and they have no expectation of being able to pick an item from the prize table. But they do want to test their abilities, learn something, have a chance to actually put the max rounds down range and mostly importantly to have FUN. I have heard more than one first-timer tell me "never again."

Unfortunately, the guys Frank references have forgotten how to have FUN. Their interest lies only in status and personal gain and that saddens me. This small concentration is pushing away the very people that the sport needs to advance.


Aug 19, 2010
North Denver, CO
As a "Jersey Shooter" I take pride in my sponsor, Kelbly Rifles, I will be the first to say I agree with everything but one item. Your comment on people selling gear they won the next day. I not only have done this, I encourage others to do as well for several reasons. First and foremost, the sponsor still gets recognition and his product is still out in the wild for people to see. MOre exposure is better no matter how it got exposed. Second, when I sell items I win, I always find a new shooter and give him a smoking deal. I can give proof of this at every match I shot. If im lucky, I can sell it that day to a shooter I know needed it. I wish I was rich enough to give away prizes. I literally make NO $$$ shooting this sport. Last match I won a scope was a Gen 2 Vortex I sold to a new shooter for $1200. I know for a fact im not the only one doing this. Ive seen match winners give their scope/rifle/etc to a shooter that struggled. The list is long of generosity. Lastly, and Im not speaking only for myself, even with sponsorship help, with 2 kids and a day job, if I don't sell what I win instantly, I literally wont be able to shoot the next match Im signed up for. As my only hobby, I really enjoy shooting and spend all my spare cash shooting. As we all know, its amazing.

Then you get the opposite end of the spectrum, the guy who sucks it up on purpose to get "free shit" from the top shooters. Rare but still as prevalent as your email I believe. Maybe Im just naïve.

That being said of course there are bad eggs. F those guys. and they absolutely need to be called out. I know for a fact that several times people have written to the PRS board about cheaters and LITERALLY the next day the guy that was cheating (jersey guy) called the guy that accused him of cheating (avg shooter). That is unacceptable. BOD needs to grow some balls. Match directors are starting to know who the cheaters are and are starting to not allow them into their matches. So steps are being taken. Which is good.

Dude crying about drawing the short straw...I would be taken back if he represented more than a couple winy beetches. Very shocked. That's why I love this sport is the people. Sad to see it become this "prize table" oriented. Would love to see more recognition given to the RO's. The new NRL and USO has a very very good incentive to help RO's at matches. For a sport that DEPENDS on the volunteer RO's, there should be more love given their way. Good Job on that at your match. Easily one of the coolest things I have seen at a match and should be encouraged everywhere.

I guess my argument for the continuation/growth of the sport is yours for the downfall of it (to an extent.) I have faith in the people to put an end to this shit and show new shooters the love. But regardless I am glad you aired this laundry. Needed saying.



The Red Hunter
Oct 21, 2013
The Frozen Tundra
No need to nervous. I was new last year and really nervous and my first match all day long everyone helped me with borrowing a piece of gear or advice on a position or anything. Please don't let the bad apples turn you away from this incredible sport. I love it so much its like my life i can't stop haha. Would love to see you at a match and help you in anyway we as a community can

I have met so many people through this sport that have become people I can count on. I'm closer with some of the shooters I've meant and hold their opinions of me in higher regard than that of many of my coworkers.

Don't let a few bad apples scare you away.
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South Dakota
Feb 11, 2017
South Dakota
Maybe some of these sponsors need to start booting some of these guys. If there names were made public I'm sure it wouldnt be well liked by the sponsors. You fuck up in the limelight in a lot of other sports, you can kiss yours sponsors goodbye.


R Bros Rifles
Apr 17, 2008
Washington State
As a "Jersey Shooter" ..
I guess my argument for the continuation/growth of the sport is yours for the downfall of it (to an extent.) I have faith in the people to put an end to this shit and show new shooters the love. But regardless I am glad you aired this laundry. Needed saying.

Dorgan, you pretty much nailed it my man! I do the same thing.
Feb 13, 2017
What a bunch of cretinous assholes.
I requested time off of duty, paid my own way (had private sponsirship once) to get to the old Hathcock competition.
I gave zero fucks about prizes because I knew shooting against pros would be fun.
Shooting better than lots of loud mouthed shooters was the best prize ever.
That's for sure, no trophy can compare to beating the guy who thought he had it all won.
Dec 11, 2002
Wa. State....dry side
Thanks for putting this out there Frank.
I have eyewitnessed on more than one occasion where a shooter has gotten into heated arguments with an RSO, total B.S.
This is one of a few reasons I stopped competing over 9 years ago.
One other is the way the matches have evolved over the past 15+ years.
To me, it seems it's all about gimmicks and tricks.
The core practice of marksmanship has been lost and gone.
Sure all the crazy shit that a person has to do to take the shot makes you think out of the box.
But in all reality, a true shooter is going to get into a spot/position they are most comfortable with to send that 1 round down range.
Just my .02
Feb 18, 2017
Finally able to write a reply from my phone. Brand new to this site and haven't been able to do so. I plan to attend the outback precision rifle club match this weekend to spectate. I hope to see some good shooters, take at least 1 class and shoot in my first prs match in September. I know I have never tried shooting like this and like an earlier poster I am somewhat nervous to start but also excited. I have seen some of the sponser prizes that are laid out and for a guy just starting out they look lavish. I wish I could afford everything that I wanted. But I think I got started in the right direction with a stuteville rifle and a vortex scope. I hope to run into and be grouped with some great guys who aren't like the douche described in your post. I feel like anyone giving up their time to judge something should be rewarded. I just hope to take something home when I am done with my first match weather that is pride that I did well or a new friend to shoot with and learn from. I think from what I have heard I will go in humble and continue to learn from those better than me and as I improve try to help others along the way. I think that is the only way to grow a sport!
Feb 10, 2017
First I have to say that I've never experienced any behaviour by fellow shooters during matches that wasn't absolutely top notch. I only started shooting matches this past summer in the PNW and have very much enjoyed the experience and met some really great people. I always thank RO's and MDs because without them, well there's no match! That being said, I don't at all discount what you're saying as you've obviously seen much much more than me. I happen to be a professional/sponsored athlete in a different sport and have certainly been around some very entitled people. There's always a clause in my contracts that stipulates what is considered acceptable behaviour for me,both online and in real life. Failure to abide by that would result in the termination of said contracts. I'd say it's not ridiculous to reach out to the sponsors of the bad apples and let them know how their shooters are behaving. Public shaming also works wonders...
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Nov 26, 2005
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Well said Frank, being an RO is hard, my eye glued to the spotter for 8-10 hours, drawing maps and trying to repeat the same info 100 times, making sure i never miss a hit on steel, all while the sooner ask "what's my time" :) i never get to see the other stages, i don't get to hang with my buddies, i'm lucky to eat 1/2 a sandwich between groups of shooters ( :) then again i don't have to load ammo or hump a 40lb pack all day )

I very much appreciate a pass on the table, as i do shoot 1-3 matches a year and try and pick something i will use

I'll be ROing at Hide Cup this year - see you there Frank
Being an RO is a thankless job for the most part. Sometimes, a contestant says Thanks, which makes it worth it. If the vendors did something to the snowflakes, wouldn't that affect their revenue?.


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Jul 9, 2001
Good post Frank. Definitely has been some changes over the past 4 or 5 years. Some good and some bad. Sometimes you can't fix other people but just have to do well for the sport and press on.

And to anyone worried about shooting a match, don't be. These guys are more the exception than the rule. Go and have fun as I have told hundreds of people over the past 14 years I have been doing this. Don;t worry about what anyone else thinks. Be safe and have fun.
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