Does anyone have information about the mercury spill at the Coppell, TX USPS sort center?


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Oct 1, 2005
Dallas, TX
I had been wondering why my mail (North DFW, TX area) had been absent for 3 days, so I was checking around and apparently at the main Coppell, TX sort center somehow 4 gallons of mercury got spilled.

That seems like an awful lot to have either in a "mailed package' as the article claims, or just hanging around and would weigh hundreds of pounds.
What on earth were they doing with that much stuff going through the mail sort center?


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Jan 31, 2012
This reminds me of the old joke (JOKE) How do we get rid of all our nuclear waste? Give it to the post office. The half they don't lose, they'll destroy.

bada bing. I'm here until Thursday, be sure and tip your waitress, they are working hard for you.
Feb 14, 2017
Sounds about right. I busted a thermometer just experimenting to see how high I could get the temp to go - in case I ever needed to fake a fever. I didn't tell them that part....
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Sep 30, 2004
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To add to the issues and delays....

If you have oackages coming from the East coast from jacksonville Fl. GOOD LUCK! It is the MAIN hub. They had a computer melt down and had to resort to hand sorting ealry this week. I have a priority package that has been sitting there since Monday heading to Texas.


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Feb 23, 2010
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Post office now saying 'won't confirm size of spill...' Guessing it's a tiny bit.

Zincke needs to get the EPA straightened out, because we're losing our minds over B.S. like this. Yeah, Mercury not good if you eat it. Or bathe with it. Or inject it. But for gods sake... we played with the stuff in science class. It's not nerve agent or cyanide! The utter panic being sewn over lead paint, asbestos shingles, mercury thermostats... it's pathetic and dangerous.

Then again, probably the point. Make the public panic, you can get all the money you want for your little eco-warrior friends... set up remediation businesses...

About a month ago in my former AO... car got t-boned by a log truck. Pulled out w.out looking. Occupants killed. Tragic. The car was flung into a cornfield where it leaked about 10 gallons of gas. The state EPA closed the road (a main thoroughfare for 3 days. Took out something like 5 dumptrucks of soil for remediation... days of testing. Bringing in new soil... For 10 gallons of gas. Which (after the car was removed) could have gotten rid of by lighting it on fire and watching it burn for 10 minutes... and re-planting the corn.

Wonder which connected-politician got the contract for remediation!