Defensive Bullet Selection

I think somebody missed history class. The Treaty of Versailles make it so all military had to use FMJ projectiles (bthp are a loop hole) and that all hunters need to use explanding bullets. This was after all sorts of infection and nasy wounds were seen in WWI and they decided to make it easier to dress and keep wounds clean for all sides so that when the battle was done then the battle was done. critical hits would kill and non critical hits have less of a chance of ruining your life post war.

So no, the military doesn't always get to use the most efficient killer.

I really don't care what people shoot each other with as long as there are less bad guys in the world. As of now I shoot a .40 and really don't care for it at all. I'll probably drop to the 9mm just to get more trigger time in.


Sergeant of the Hide
Feb 16, 2018
I have been very impressed with the Sig ammo. Other than that, gold dot and critical duty.

Do NOT buy Winchester. I saw a Winchester go through a window and ply wood and never expand