Custom Ammo Boxes


Aug 25, 2018
These custom 50 round count ammo boxes started as a thought based off of the “Pick N Pluck” concept that we have recently seen becoming more popular. Due to the issues we ran into with the current offerings we went to the drawing board and were able to justify building more than enough to just supply us and our friend’s needs.

There are two initial sizes; standard and mag boxes with the mag box utilizing two different box heights. The standard boxes will accommodate 223 cases to standard case size such as the 6.5 Creedmoor and up to 3.5 inches tall. The second size will accommodate standard cases and magnum cases, including the 338 Lapua, up to 3.8” tall in the shorter box and 5.5” in the taller version.

Boxes were designed to work optimally with the SKB cases but will also work with Pelican Case, Storm Cases, Nanuk Cases, and some Harbor Freight boxes. The foam is a foam similar to the Pick N Pluck foam, but is a little more rigid to hold its form when being transported and/or shipped. The top plate is made of brushed stainless and etched with a grid for those looking to keep track of cases and for load development.

We are offering an promotion until September 15th. The foam, top plate, and box can be each be bought separately or as a kit. Promotion pricing on the foam and top plate for the standard size is $22.00 plus shipping and $28.00 for the magnum size. PM for more details.Standard Front.jpgStandard Side.jpgMag Close.jpgMag Front.jpgMag Side.jpgMags.jpg


May 12, 2011
Any left?...what would total be..shipped 99835...Thanks..Al ....$22.00 + shipping..?