Custom 455/452 striker springs, barrel, may, tools etc

Dec 17, 2013
West Babylon, NY
It’s clearance time, gotta get rid of this stuff ASAP! All prices include shipping!

Cz 455 American barrel blued 22 lr used only as a guide for doing pillars on a stock. Never shot and it’s a pretty good barrel. Some light handling marks but nothing crazy, $75 delivered and I’ll throw in 3 free striker springs!

Custom 455 striker springs, last of them I have! These also work excellent in 452’s! Break down below (only 116 springs are left, sounds like a lot but they do go fast!).

3 springs at $25 shipped

10 at $50 shipped

25 at $100 shipped

3 1 lb bars of bedding clay. Stuff is the best I’ve used and can be used over and over again. Never will dry out! $30 shipped per three 1lb bars. If you buy anything above you can add a bar for $7 each! Only 3 bars left!

Manson recrowning tool kit. Includes 0* cutter for interchangeable pilots, 11* cutter with fixed pilot for 17 cal, driving Bob to use a hand drill, 22 cal pilot (should be replaced has scratches on shaft where cutter rides) new 30 cal pilot. Should get yourself a 11* interchangeable cutter and the hex driver for the Bob which is like $5. Selling for less than what the 17 cal cutter cost alone! $85 shipped!

3-4lbs of custom bedding compound. Highest compressive yield, flexural, and tensile strength I know of for a bedding compound! Simple 1:1 mix, 45-60 min set time, full cure in 24 hours. Can be mixed with metals, glass bubbles, and epoxy dyes. Been using this for some time now and it’s Better than anything I have ever used. This is the last I have of it, $75 shipped!
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