Custom 223 Trainer / Stiller / Bartlein / HSP


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Feb 14, 2017
I picked this up a couple weeks ago and swapped a few parts around, dropped it in a new stock, but need to free up some cash so this one is temporarily on the chopping block.

Built by Nichols Guns:
- Stiller Tac30 223 face
- bartlein 22” Rem varmint 1:8 twist
- threaded 1/2x28 with Vais style brake
- HSP stock with marine tex done on the grip and then sent to have it Kryptek Highlander dipped. Also coated with a matte finish for extra protection
- PTG M5 bottom metal with (2) AI mags
- 20 MOA Stiller rail
- Timney Calvin elite trigger set to 1.5lbs

Will get better pictures later. Don’t have exact round count but less than 500.

No trades please.

$1,950 shipped for everything listed above.

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Feb 14, 2017
Up top. Still need to get better pictures but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the rifle!

I forgot to mention inthe original post that the stock is bedded for the action.