Comedy, Dave Chappelle?

May 20, 2006
Winnipeg, Mb.
Not knowing nothing about nothing, we had the opportunity the other day to watch a couple of his 'specials'. Oh man, if any of ya'll ever get a chance to catch one of them:


Away. Far far away. Holy crap was that shit terrible.

They showed us 'the bird revelation' and 'equanimity'. None of us truly knew that this guy was a bleedin' LIEberal DEMONcrat. Holy hell, he slams Trump, talks about voting for (the anti-Christ) and is so useless in his support in (the kneeler) and all that football shit.

I'd have rather been shown old re-runs of Julia Child's cooking shows, or Wok With Yan or something, that this junk.

This is my public service announcement for all members here, and believe me when I say I "took a bullet for the team". I also can't really comprehend how a human being can actually have that line of thinking. It is incomputable, for me. Just not able to process it. And then he gets into his version of the story as to why he's been 'out of the picture' for 12 years.

That's shit that I REALLY didn't need to know.
Sep 1, 2009
New York
I haven't watched any of his recent shit but back in the day when he had his own show on cable tv he was actually pretty funny. "Ashy Larry" comes to mind. But I guess these days entertainers are more focused on driving home their political views and much less focused on entertaining.

Thanks for the heads up, won't be watching anymore of his shit.


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Nov 22, 2012
Comedy is dead in Amrica, reality of DC and the Coastal elites is the new comedy. let them crash and lets watch it like it was a frikken smash up derby in MSG.

Greg Langelius *

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Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
Second City saw to that. Today, comedy is about the fist bumps and political ridicule; there are enough sick ass "important" wannabe's' to add up to a pretty good gate.

The day will probably come when somebody gets lynched for heckling one of our free speech advocates.

Wait for it..., wait for it...; that pendulum never stands still...



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Jul 4, 2003
WA the everblue state
Greg, I am waiting for the pendulum to make gun forums intelligent again, like in 1994.

Chappelle's stand up was always terrible.
He had some good skits before he flaked out on Comedy Central.
Charlie Murphy, set builder from the lunchroom, was his best writer.


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Feb 1, 2018
The Clayton Bigsby black white supremacist skit had me coughing up lung-butter as a younger man. What a great laugh. I heard however that it caused Chappelle a lot of grief from a certain community tho. I can’t say how much politics influences a comedians choice of material, but at one point, Chappelles humor was his own. It would be a tragedy to see the political correctness movement snuff creative humor...and I can’t even talk about liberal politics reversing an artists choice of material. People have died to ensure free speech

And for the record, Julia Child was solid. Just saying
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