College Football Time

Wanted something other then World Cup as the first post on Snipershide for goodness sake.

Anyway everyone know what team I pull for whole heartedly and which team I hope loses every game....

I won tickets to the opening in Atlanta vs Washington and it will be a party the whole way up ( and I sure hope the whole way back after). We have not played Washington in my lifetime ( maybe ever). Im excited to meet some Washington die hards and show them how we tailgate in the south. Should be a great time all around.

Hope Old Louisville can put up a Big W also in who they play... but im a realist :)

Feb 11, 2017
Roll Tide ! I'm Bama fan but not a hater like most! I actually played baseball at msu! I grew up 2 miles from Bryant Denny and auburn was my second choice of schools! All I had ever heard was to hate auburn, then went there on visit and loved the place! Hard growing up in the bear Bryant era and not pulling for the TIDE IN FOOTBALL THOUGH! I enjoy watching all the sec teams.
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Gunny Sergeant
Jul 30, 2009
Delaware, OH
Wow Earthquake, there sure is a good bit of attention coming out of your area these days. I hope they get the coach ordeal figured out before the season. The mess could not have come at a worse time.
Yep, it sucks... especially for the players. I hope it's resolved soon. Whatever the outcome, I love my Buckeyes as a tOSU alum and born-n-raised Ohioan!
Aug 4, 2003
Chattanooga, TN
I'll be watching the UT VOLS try to drag themselves back to respectability - hopefully without breaking another crown grinding my teeth during one of their games. I also enjoy watching all the SEC games, particularly the big rivalries like Auburn - BAMA or SC - GA, and college football in general.
Plus I'll pull for anyone playing Southern Cal or Notre Dame...just saying.
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