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Feb 3, 2011
I don't have a Dog in this fight but I own 5 CYKE PODS and numerous LRA, Atlas and Harris bi pods. Up until the CYKE POD, I was an LRA fan but after shooting the same rifles with different bipods to test, I can tell you that I am getting MUCH better groups with the CYKE POD. I cannot say enough good things about them. There is no one else's bipods that come close to the versatility. I have both the ARCA and PIC models and I will never buy another brand. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Try one and if you don't feel the same way, I would probably take it off your hands - At a discount LOL
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Jun 17, 2009
Houston, TX
Another satisfied Ckye-pod customer here, with no affiliation to the company.

Just recently replaced the Atlas bipod on my match rifle which lost all canting tension with a Ckye-pod. I have a Harris and an LRA F-Class bipod on my other rifle.

This bipod is the best that I have used for PRS and general type shooting. The range of adjustments is incredible - far more versatile than any other bipod I own. Set it down low and wide, and you have a very stable platform to shoot solid groups from. I shot what is so far probably the best 5 shot group of my life with this bipod off concrete.

You can set it up nice and high, if shooting field matches and combating tall grass or inclinated shooting positions. And of course everywhere in between. The barricade stop is a beautiful touch and going to come in handy as well!

It's a quality bipod with a rich feature set, and a price to match. I don't regret for a minute buying mine.


Dec 11, 2011
Castle Rock Colorado
Anyone have any info on a longer leg option for these? I asked a few months ago and was told they were being tested.
The feet are the same as any atlas accessory. So if you have extensions that worked on atlas they will click right in.
I took my Atlas hawk hill claws off and put them on the CKYE. They grip better then the factory feet.
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May 11, 2017
I went with standard. Because the legs can go so wide, it can still get incredibly low. Love mine, Ckye is a stand-up guy and helped me out. PSA, if you are running an MPA chassis and the ARCA head on the bipod isn't getting a full purchase on the rail, call Ckye and see if he can mill it out for you. There are two raised portions on the inside of the ARCA clamp that might be interfering.