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Nov 23, 2017
Chandler, AZ
2016 CZ SP01 Shadow Orange - one of 100 imported by CZ Customs that year.
About 500 rounds thru it.

Manufacturer: CZ
Caliber: 9mm
Action/Trigger Type: DA/SA
Barrel Length: 4.48”
Smith (for custom guns): CZ Custom
Work Performed (for custom guns): Short Reset, polished internals, 85 Combat trigger, extended firing pin and spring, lighter mainspring and recoil spring 7.5 lbs DA, 3 lbs SA. Done by CZ Customs.
Aftermarket Parts List: short reset and 85 combat trigger less curved
Capacity: 17 Rounds + 1
Coating (if different from factory): N/A
Accessories Included (mags, optics, reloading gear, holsters, etc): 3 - 17 Round MecGar AFC, upalulu mag Loader and parts that came with package and original case.

only ship to states in lower 48 that allow...please know your local laws.

I do not have the original magazines or Orange basepads.

PM me with any questions.


01851B5A-A774-4C11-9F59-9D18F4035999.jpeg AFB26FEC-1F38-4FAD-B3D4-E8EF33527BAD.jpeg 1101EEB9-88E5-4525-B95F-61AB738AE377.jpeg 47CE6902-8E7E-4888-BE37-74E576F3B750.jpeg 9A118E73-B817-4698-AF5B-CD1137FDF3B4.jpeg 386335AB-3775-4BE5-975F-CBD166EA3A1A.jpeg 3F051349-195C-43BC-AB63-0150A60A8C5F.jpeg 572A13D9-4180-4881-9D21-3C27B861FC35.jpeg
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