Clem, GA Bi-Monthly PRS Suppressor Only Match

Jan 28, 2011
Some of you may know Thomas Woods from PRS matches mostly in the Southeast or from his days with Accurate Ordnance, which is where I first met him. He now has his own shop called Shadow Hunter Concepts.

Yesterday he hosted the first of a series of suppressor only matches near Carrollton, GA which is just east of Atlanta. They kept this first one pretty low-key to see how things went. I'm being the big mouth here because it was a very good match and deserves to get the word out there. This is a great event for new shooters and I say that if you haven't yet participated in a PRS type match that you need to grab whatever rifle you have and show up to the next one. Between the ROs and some good shooters/spotters they will help you with things. We all love the sound of clanging steel and if you are new it is especially rewarding when you see the impact and have to wait for the report.

We were bundled up at the start when temps were around freezing. But the sun finally came out and it turned into a beautiful day.

If you are in the area and do not have a suppressor give QRF a call and get the process going ( Having every single gun with a can was awesome.

It will be run every other month and there is a points race, the details of which I am still fuzzy on but because there is little chance of me taking a prize I haven't paid it much attention. Targets were between 300 and 750, 8 stages, with a round count of 87. There were lots of easy targets but enough difficulty that with a number of experienced competitors no one came close to cleaning it.

Caliber limitation is 30 and max velocity is 3200. You MUST absolutely know your dope as rounds cannot leave the range.

I will post up details for the next match when they are available.

Thanks to Barry, the landowner, for being so gracious. It was nice to make a few new friends.

The below pics are stolen from someone else from another shoot they had (my phone died at the first stage). It gives an idea of the facility. There is plenty of steel tucked away in those trees on the hill:

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Mar 21, 2018
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This is awesome. I might make the trek. On a side note how are rounds leaving the range? LOL if you are shooting a .308 over 12.5mil and 43.75 MOA at over 1000 yards you need to recheck your dope or be under the sea. IRCC, 6mm is about 7.5-8 mil and maybe 28 MOA. I do see this a lot from "snipers," no one knows basic dope for their caliber. I dont see rounds 1 mil off leaving a range so if you know your basic dope for your caliber this shouldnt be and issue. Granted I was taught how to build a range card and my own dope without an app...

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Apr 24, 2017
Hope you are able to find a venue. Suppressor only is very appealing and I just got my SiCo Omega so I'm game.

I've been to Arena and it's about the outer limits of where I'd like to drive. Anything closer to the metro ATL area would be great.