CHRISTENSEN ARMS bat tactical ?


Dec 9, 2004
There's a video on Youtube with Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics talking about the C.A. BA Tactical. He said the gun he tried was accurate. I was looking for one in .338 Lapua. I went to my local Sportsmans Warehouse and took a look at one in 300 WM. The gun was lighter than the Savage .338 (with the HS Precision stock). Both actions were smooth but the C.A. was smoother. The only downside was the reviews of the C.A. were mixed.

I'm kind of debating whether to get a Savage 112 (single shot), Savage 110 HS, or the C.A. BA in .338. My other option is to save up and get a Sako. The 112 most inexpensive, 110 HS with the ease of getting it re-barreled later, C.A. is the lighter package, and the Sako for a heavy duty gun in use by several military entites.