Changing load for weather/DA


Terminal Lance
Dec 19, 2017
St Louis, MO
What do you all do?

Do you do load development and get a good node or group and check the velocity and tweak your load throughout the year?


Do you do your load development, get a good load and run it all year and just shoot with the adjusted velocity?

I did my load development this winter when I got my new rifle. Had a good spread of charges in a good node and had 1/2moa accuracy out to 600 (furthest I have to print groups on paper)
Its always been between -400 and 1000ish DA any time I went to the range or shot matches and its always worked well for me. I noticed a big change in dope at my last match (3000-3500DA), and some impact shift that hinted at a big bump in velocity.
Took my good load to the range to chrono and it picked up 50-60fps from what it was when I last checked it in cooler weather.

I just started loading last year and have always just shot factory match ammo before and rolled with the velocity change but it got me thinking and was curious what everyone else does