Carrying equipment at a match

Jul 9, 2007
Just wondering what people are using to hump all their gear around at a PRS match? What size packs are useful? I am trying to work out what to buy and where to draw the line regarding size of the pack.


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Jul 30, 2013
Lincoln, NE
I use an Eberlestock Transformer. It is plenty big enough to carry all my crap, but the pockets kind of suck. The top one is alright, but the sides suck because they are so tall that you have to really dig to find your stuff. I do use one for spent casings and it works well for that.

I'm thinking about upgrading to something with a scabbard.


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Sep 28, 2012
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This has been heavily discussed in other threads and the gist of it is that it depends a bit upon where you live and the type of matches you will likely attend. Some matches, especially in the western states involve quite a bit of hiking and humping all of your gear around all day. That type of match will involve a slightly larger pack with room potentially for rain gear, tripod (inside or outside of pack), and extra water. An eberlestock G3 Lowdrag can do this as can any number of other good packs. The G3 has the scabbard.

Many other matches give you ample time to get back to your vehicle at points during the day and therefore do not require that you hump around so much all day long. Most of the matches that I shoot are of the latter variety and therefore I use a small pack with plenty of different pockets and molle for attaching things. It is rare anymore that I use anything more than my Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger. It is small enough that it forces me to think about what I'm packing and therefore saves me from carrying around unnecessary weight.


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Jul 9, 2001
I use an Eberlestock FAC Track and have plenty of room. I don't like using a scabbard on the pack at matches so chose a pack without one. I also have a couple packs in the LoDrag and Phantom that have them if needed.

Some advice is to not carry everything and the kitchen sink at a match. Carry what is needed for job at hand. Most new guys carry way too much including shooting mats and drag bags etc. Not needed.
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