Can i mount a US Optics MST-100 on my m24 sws return?

Mar 24, 2008
I just picked up a M24 that needs a scope. Would it be possible to use a Unertl USMC 10x or a US optics MST100. I just want to know if it would be an accurate scope for the rifle. Thanks for your input. Brian


Rick Jones MAJ, SF (Ret)
Mar 17, 2014
Llano, TX
If by accurate, you mean as issued, then no. The M24 was never issued with the Unertl 10x marine sniper or MST-100. If by accurate, you mean a scope that will give good service, it is technology from the 1980's. Still a good scope, I own an original issue, but there are certainly newer scopes that are optically and technically superior.

m40a3 with Unertl sniper...replaced in 2007 by Schmidt and Bender

m24 with Leupold mk 4 lr/t DSCN0627.JPG
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Mar 24, 2008
Thanks for the message. I should have been clearer on my question. I am aware the scopes was not used on the m24 but really like the scope and was curious if there is any problem using a Unertl 10x or MST-100. Sound like there is no problem using either one of the scopes. You gun is amazing! Thanks for your time.
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