Cadex shuts down in August - get your orders in now


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Feb 19, 2017
Northern VA
Cadex has an annual factory shutdown in early August. Now is the best time to order a custom rifle or chassis that is not in-stock, and have it made your way.

  1. July is a slow month for orders
  2. Get your order in now, and it is in-process when the factory shuts down
  3. When the factory re-opens, your order is already in the flow
  4. There tends to be a bump in orders in August, ahead of hunting season, and for whatever reason, the orders seem to come in during shutdown, so just imagine the pile of paperwork when the office team returns.
Get ahead of the August rush, and get your order in-place.

We are seeing a larger volume of orders this year over last year for complete rifles (why not, they are great custom rifles with a Bartlein barrel and Cadex precision), for Cadex actions, and of course, for Cadex chassis. This month is a little slower, and we have some great incentives to get the orders in NOW.

Call or PM me. Give me your list, and let's get the orders in before August shutdown.


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Mar 18, 2018
Still waiting on my order i put in last year that got lost LOL.
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